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Shaping the way people think about cyber security by showing them the attacker's perspective.

Story-Led Learning

Classic cyber awareness training provides people with the right answers, but misses the deeper connection: the reasons behind secure behavior. This is where story-led learning bridges the gap, making cyber security not just an abstract subject, but a personally relatable experience.

Despite training, 66% of employees acknowledge carrying out risky cyber behaviours online.

A New Approach, Grounded in Behavioural Science Research

Ready is an entry-level cyber-security awareness workshop specifically designed to engage and enthuse participants. The course represents an application of two key areas of behavioural science: narrative learning and perspective taking. Rather than covering an exhaustive syllabus likely to be rapidly forgotten by attendees, the most vital themes of cyber security behaviours are woven into one story containing interactive elements.

Uniquely, the story is delivered from the perspective of the attacker, rather than the defender. This means that those involved see how certain behaviours, which tend to be seen as small or lower priority, are leveraged by attackers. This helps to fill in the grey area between organisational security expectations and the real world of cyber-crime.

We Change the Way People Feel About Cyber Security

Fully Tailored

The ‘victim’ is carefully designed to be a fictional version of the learners company and targets what matters most to them such as reputation, delivery, or bottom line.

Perspective Taking

Ready tells the story from the attackers perspective, enthusing learners by re-introducing the excitement, novelty, and thrill of safely exploring anti-social behaviours.

Narrative orientated

Learners engage with a single, clear storyline that explores relevant and clearly explained attack vectors. Narrative learning helps embed memories which has a stronger influence on behaviour for longer.

Attacker Mindset

By seeking to develop a mindset among learners that leads them to question how they might attack something rather than how they ought to apply rules, learners are more resilient and prepared for unusual eventualities.

Applied Gamification

Learners take part in practical demonstrations of attacker techniques and play through their own experience of carrying out an attack.

Expert Facilitators

Ready workshop facilitators are experts in psychology, social engineering, and real-world cyber-crime. As such, learners have the opportunity to see both how attacks could happen, and to explore how the facilitators have used the same approaches in reality.

How It Works

Each workshop allows participants to dive deep into the mind of an attacker, tracing each step of their calculated moves to uncover the critical impact of seemingly minor behaviors on cyber security. Though each session is unique, participants are taken on a similar journey along the following attack path:

Introducing the Adversary

Designed to support the development of an informed and realistic high-level mental model of threat actor classifications and motivations.

Selecting the Target

Covers why organisations are targeted and an introduction to socio-behavioural attack surface management.

Intelligence Gathering

Covers cold reconnaissance techniques such as OSINT and Social Media exploitation, and hot reconnaissance such as surveillance, dumpster diving and voice phishing.

Gaining Access

Highlights the role and vulnerabilities of physical security. Considers tailgating, pretexting and enclave mentality. Also covered: password attacks, multi-factor authentication, working from home, and working on the move.

Deploying the Attack

Covers a spectrum of approaches such as Operational Technology compromise via malicious USB, Ransomware deployment through spear phishing, and leveraging insiders.

Outcomes, Effects

A brief wash up to examine key behaviours that would have stopped the attack from being successful.

Central Themes

Ready reinforces several cross-cutting themes throughout the event which help embed useful cognitive strategies for maintaining cyber-secure behaviour.  

  • Applying Red Team Thinking
  • Using Constructive Interpersonal Challenge
  • The value of carrying out effective reporting
  • Pro-social behaviours as security controls

Platform Integrated

Our workshops don’t stand alone – they’re tightly integrated with our behavioral change software. Delivered as complementary components of our managed service, both products tackle low motivation and overcome resistance to secure practices. Workshop attendees are awarded in-game currency for participation and can win virtual rewards based on their level of engagement.

Interactive Workshop Games

Interactivity is a key element of Ready. Some of the games we use include:

SMSishing Game

Having learned the psychological influence techniques that attackers use, learners have the opportunity to write thier own text message attack and see how well it would work.

Lockpicking Challenge

Physical security can be a key component of cyber security, especially for airgapped and Operational Technology systems. Learners have the opportunity to defeat a simple lock to progress the story.

Fake Login Page

With Review, newly discovered vulnerabilities are immediately added as a plugin to the automatic scan and the systems of all existing customers are immediately checked for it.

Password Cracking

Players get to test different passwords against a cracking tool to see how secure passwords can make all the difference in an attack.

"Unlike any cyber security training I've seen before. "

Rob Addison Head of Procurement, Global Fund

"More lively than any workshop I've done in the past."

Marissa Young Founder, Wpmet

"Easygoing, dynamic, and funny."

Whitney Romero Founder, Wpmet

"We had to act and think as criminals. I think that made it very lively and came across as very real. It makes you realise, you don't have to be dumb to become a victim of these attacks."

Stephen Flores CFO, Wpmet

"It passed really fast. I didn't even think about using my cell phone. You did a good job"

Marissa Young Founder, Wpmet

"The interactivity was amazing. Way more than just an audience and a stage"

Whitney Romero Founder, Wpmet

With Cyber Ready workshops, you’re not just learning; you’re building cyber resilience for your organisation. Getting started couldn’t be easier- simply register your interest using the following form.

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