Quantify Behavioural Vulnerability with our:

Human Firewall Assessment

A cutting-edge approach to identify and strengthen your organisation's defense against social engineering threats.

  • The most accurate and ecologically valid way to dertmine susceptibility to social engineering
  • By repeatedly testing a vulnerability, we provide a greater understanding of your organisational risk.
  • Provides an opportunity for practicing secure behaviours, alongside benchmarking

Understand Your Behavioural Risk

Recyber’s Serialised Social Engineering Assessment generates a data-grounded understanding of key behavioural risk, by subjecting your organisation to a series of covert assessments on specific risk behaviours. We begin with key stakeholder interviews to determine key risky behaviours of interest such as:


Unauthorized entry behind authorized personnel.

Watering Hole Attack

Compromising commonly used websites to target victims.

Visitor Handling

Managing guests to prevent security breaches

Passive Risk Behaviours

Unintentional actions that expose to cyber risks


Fraudulent phone calls to extract sensitive information

Out-of-hours Exploitation

Taking advantage of non-working hours for unauthorized access

QR Phishing

Malicious QR codes leading to phishing sites

Rogue Network / Evil Twin

Fake Wi-Fi networks mimicking legitimate ones

USB Baiting

Using infected USBs to compromise systems

Social Media Friending

Building deceptive social connections to gather information

Rinse and Repeat

Our professional social engineers then repeat key components of a social engineering attack, multiple times, with as many of your personnel as possible. By taking a serialised approach, we can establish far better controls around the exercise to protect staff wellbeing.​

Insights with Greater Confidence

Unlike traditional end to end penetration tests that show you isolated incidents, we provide a body of evidence for behavioural trends rather than a single point of access.

Therefore, rather than testing for a vulnerability once, we test it several times from several different angles to fully understand the instances for which an attack is and isn’tsuccessful.

Central Themes

Our service is built around key themes that prioritize psychological safety, engaging learning experiences, and actionable insights.

  • Positivity towards reporting
  • Psychological safety
  • Improving cyber behaviours
  • Fun, novel engagement with security topics

Platform Integrated

Our workshops, exercises, and assessments don’t stand alone – they’re tightly integrated with our behavioral change software, Republic. Delivered as complementary components of our managed security awareness service, our products tackle low motivation and overcome resistance to secure practices.

Insights from the Human Firewall Assessments can be fed into Republic to deliver personalised remediation content to your staff, ensuring targeted and effective cyber security upskilling.

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