Beyond Awareness:

Turning Human Risk
into Cyber Strength

Empower, Educate, Protect: Our managed service does more than just train; it turns your employees into proactive cyber guardians.

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Your One-Stop-Shop for Managing Human Risk

Our platform instills genuine behavioural change, ensuring employees don't just know better—they act better.

Our approach is underpinned by cutting-edge behavioural science research, ensuring that cyber security best practices become second nature to employees.
At the heart of our solution is an unwavering commitment to end-user privacy. Crafted from the ground up with protective safeguards, our platform ensures that individuals remain anonymous and cannot be singled out.
Ethical by Design

Aligned to psychometric best practices and designed in accordance with the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Full Range of Interventional Approaches

Risky behaviours are the product of lacking knowledge, low motivation, attentional fatigue, social pressures and much more. Our platform delivers individuated, targeted interventions for consistent, effective results.

Compliance and Regulatory Best Practice.

Facilitates Adherence to ISO 27001 (A.7.2.2), NIST PR.AT 1-4 and SP 800-171, CIS Control 14, GDPR Article 39 1 b, HIPAA 45 CFR part 164 5 i, PCI DSS 12.6, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials, NCSC guidance, FINMA, FDPIC, FADP, PSPF, DORA, NIS2.

Full Spectrum of Behavioural Risk

Grounded in a rigorously tested behavioural taxonomy which codifies 181 unique observable and measurable risk behaviours.

Uniquely integrated with our Hacker Workshop

Delivered as a complementary component of Recyber's software platform, our interactive workshops tackle low motivation and overcome resistance to secure practices. Attendees are awarded in-game currency for participation and can win virtual rewards based on their level of engagement.

"Unlike any cyber security training I've seen before. "

Rob Addison Head of Procurement, Global Fund

"More lively than any workshop I've done in the past."

Sherri Baker QC Manager, PFSCM

"Easygoing, dynamic, and funny."

Claudia Romero Founder, Teleheart

"We had to act and think as criminals. I think that made it very lively and came across as very real. It makes you realise, you don't have to be dumb to become a victim of these attacks."

Claudia de Smit CFO, Iplus Solutions

"It passed really fast. I didn't even think about using my cell phone. You did a good job"

Marissa Young Analyst, PFSCM

"The interactivity was amazing. Way more than just an audience and a stage"

Samantha Raley Head of IT, Health Logistix
Cyber Resilience Insights

Real-time cyber resilience insights provide an instant snapshot of your security posture and allows for dynamic updates as new strengths or weaknesses are identified.

Priority-Driven Threat Management

Our risk modelling algorithms ensure that your team isn't bogged down by false positives or low-impact issues. Instead, you can focus your resources and efforts on addressing critical vulnerabilities, ensuring optimal security and peace of mind.

Continuous Vulnerability Detection

Continuous scanning that establishes a baseline of expected services and behaviours. Changes that deviate from the usual patterns are flagged for review by our certified team of ethical hackers.

Unlimited Scope

Our platform embraces an "unlimited scope" approach, ensuring that every aspect of your digital presence is viewed through the same lens as a real attacker.

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European Parliament Approves DORA and NIS2 Directives formalising framework for Digital

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Recyber to lead discussion as founding partner at Financial Times Cyber

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