Cyber Behaviour Research Report:

The Cyber Awareness Paradigm Shift

Understand the shortcomings of conventional training methods and discover innovative new strategies for real behavioral change. This report is a must-read for professionals and organisations aiming to enhance their cyber security measures through a deeper understanding of human factors.

  • Researched and written by industry experts
  • Insights from extensive behavioural science research
  • Practical strategies for reducing cyber security risk

5428 Words

Estimated Reading Time: 18-22 Minutes

Included: Six Reasons to Re-Think Your Cyber Training

Discover six compelling reasons why traditional cyber security training methods need a revolutionary overhaul. Each chapter presents insightful findings and practical solutions, challenging conventional approaches and highlighting the path towards more effective and engaging cyber security practices.

Training is Not Enough

Discover why traditional training alone fails to effectuate real change in cyber security behavior and what more is needed for effective cyber risk management.

Psychological Safety is Paramount

Explore the crucial role of psychological safety in creating an environment where cyber security best practices are embraced and implemented.

People Expect Better

Delve into the disconnect between current cyber security training and employee expectations, emphasizing the need for more engaging and relevant approaches.

Awareness is Not Preparedness

Uncover the gap between being aware of cyber risks and being truly prepared to handle them.

Security is an Ongoing Business Problem

Find out why cyber security must be treated as a continuous business concern rather than a one-time compliance issue.

Specific Behaviours Matter More Than Culture

Learn how focusing on specific, actionable behaviors yields better cyber security outcomes than broad cultural initiatives.


Instructive for every company and organization.

If companies are to survive and prosper in the complex threat landscape of today, cyber security capabilities must become ingrained among employees. This study provides a pathway in that direction.

Understanding individual behavioral patterns in the workplace can help to improve the way that individuals are trained on cybersecurity preventive and response strategies, as well as tactics, and means, to counter potential threats and adversaries.

Chuck Brooks

Professor in the Graduate Cybersecurity Risk Management Program at Georgetown University

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