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Recognising the role of cyber as a core business risk, we strive to make security concerns accessible and understandable to corporate leadership. Our insights bridge the gap between technical jargon and business strategy, placing cyber security at the heart of business resilience and continuity planning. Our products empower leaders to make informed decisions, turning cyber risk management into a strategic business advantage.

Senior Management

Meet the team behind our mission to create a safer digital world.

Mitch Scherr

Chief Executive Officer

Mitchell Scherr is an innovator and recognised pioneer in the field of data analytics with nearly 30 years of industry experience helping businesses and governments build cyber security resilience. He has served on numerous US government think tanks, Congressional advisory boards, and leading technology forums, where he has advocated for the integration of digital technologies into mainstream business operations to enhance profitability, service, and security.

Andrew Clarke

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Clarke is a former Senior Strategic Security Risk Advisor to the Governor of Bermuda and a former British Army Officer where he led concepts, design and delivery teams in the UK Ministry of Defence’s Strategic Command and Battlespace Management Division. He was the programme manager for the migration of the UK Ministry of Defence’s internet users to a single platform to deliver new capabilities to 250,000 end users. Andrew regularly advises organisations on cyber resilience and has participated on several expert panels addressing supply chain risk.

Si Pavitt

Head of Cyber Behaviours

Si Pavitt is the former Head of Cyber Awareness, Behaviours and Culture, UK Ministry of Defence. A PhD candidate in forensic psychology and professional social engineer with over a decade of experience, Si has an endless passion for psychology in cyber security and is actively seeking to change the way the cybersecurity industry understands the role of secure behaviour and the means by which it influences it.

Lee Mora

Chief Technology Officer

As a former IBM Technology Consultant and Director of Engineering at Blackpoint Cyber, Lee has led design and engineering efforts across a variety of cutting-edge SaaS platforms. With an extensive background in software engineering and product design, Lee’s passion is fuelled by making cyber security tools that are easy to use. He currently chairs the Security Committee of an Augmented Reality think tank and holds both B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science.

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