Just a few samples of Society press coverage.

National Association of Realtors
One Realtor Place - Realtor Family Information

"Real Estate Cyberspace Society - If real estate is your career, and you want to learn and grow as a real estate professional, there is no better investment than membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society."

Real Estate Brokers Insider Letter
June 1, 1997

New Group helps Ease Realtors Onto the Net
"John M. Peckham III has impeccable credentials - He is a past Chairman of Strategic Planning for the National Association of Realtors as well as Past President of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors.

Jack Peckham is a very highly respected real estate professional and counselor, and a leader for many years in utilizing technology in the real estate field" a Washington, DC. based NAR spokesperson volunteered to REBI."

PikeNet Dispatch
March 20, 1997

"The Real Estate Society is dedicated to maximizing the value of the Internet for real estate professionals."

Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal
Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CCIM)

January/February 1996

"Back in 1968 John M. "Jack" Peckham III, CCIM---not only saw the future of technology in commercial real estate, he was applying it.-Fast forward 27 years -and Peckham is still at the cutting edge of technology. -As he predicated back in 1968, he was able to negotiate the deal without leaving his office."

Real Times, Agent News
February 16, 1998

"Cyberspace Society's Web Navigator Targets Real Estate

--the BlackBook CyberDisk gives users control over Internet chaos and time-hogging.
--Member Ray Yung adds, "By midnight, I realized that I could stay up countless more hours exploring your tremendous offering of The Real Estate Web Navigator and the Wizard." Full Story

New England Real Estate Journal Editorial

"The best guarantee a real estate professional can get for success today and in the future is membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society."

Computer Dealer News
July 14, 1997

"The Boston, MA-based Real Estate Cyberspace Society ( has attracted over 1,000 members worldwide, about 200 of which are in Canada.--the society promotes business strategies for promoting a site's content.

Boston Globe
July 4, 1998

"The Real Estate CyberSpace Society is a group of real estate professionals who do business on the web. Currently the organization has more than a thousand members - 40 percent residential agents, 40 percent commercial , and the remaining 20 percent a mix of mortgage brokers, appraisers, and other related businesses-"

Real Times, Agent News
January 26, 1998

"The Real Estate CyberSpace Society provides information on real estate technology issues and strategies, as well as a common meeting ground for professionals from all aspects of the real estate industry." Full Story

National Association of Realtors
Taxi Stand Business and Real Estate Tools Site Recommendations

"The Real Estate CyberSpace Society provides tools and information to help real estate professionals get on the Web and keep up with the latest technology. Provides interviews with Real Estate CyberMasters, links to useful sources online, and several pages of technology tips."

Inman News Features
May 18, 1997

"Jack Peckham, founder of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, discussed ways agents can increase commissions and profits using the Internet. "The Internet gives Realtors tools for communication that help search out potential buyers and sellers, and complete transactions, plus the means to employ a world-class research and economics department without the expense of employing staff or other costly overhead," he said."

Real Times, Agent News
January 20, 1998

"--The Real Estate CyberSpace Society - one of the country's fastest growing real estate organizations --- currently has over 1000 members all over the world" Full Story and Interview

International Real Estate Digest
April 1997

Top Ten "While membership (and its superb bi-monthly audio newsletter subscription) is fee-based, the web site includes plenty of material to tempt and inform non-member "lurkers."

Real Times, Agent News
February 18, 1998

"--the RECS (Real Estate CyberSpace Designation) informs clients and colleagues of the designees proficiency in serving the public with recognized skills for utilizing Cyberspace programs to effectively apply technology and networking systems in marketing real estate.
Full Story

Boston Business Journal
April 17, 1998

CyberSpace Society Reeling in "Net Profits in Real Estate

"In a business where buzzwords are location, location, location, a "virtual" real estate association is drawing new members in droves.

"The Real Estate CyberSpace Society, the county's only ---Internet support group for real estate professionals has attracted more than 1,000 members since October 1996 and is the fastest growing real estate support organization in the world."

Real Times, Agent News
June 10, 1998

"Web Site Responsible for $28 Million Closing-

"All of the elements of a typical CyberSpace sale were present in this transaction which -----again shows the power of the Internet to connect several previously unintroduced parties with lightning speed." Full Story

PikeNet Dispatch
November 22, 1996

"WEB SUCCESS. Jack Peckham of the Peckham Boston Advisory Company posted a listing on a $2.6 million net leased investment at the CCIM site. Within three hours he had interest from eight prospective buyers one of whom was from Florida. Three days later the buyer flew up, viewed the property and later closed the sale. Naturally, Jack is the founder of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society."

Real Times, Agent News
June 19, 1998

"The CyberGuru Hall of Fame Real Estate HelpLine is a unique new Internet concept that is based on the philosophy of community fostered by the Society. -

If a member has a question or problem in any one of the 35 categories of Cyber Programs, Issues or Services covered by the Helpline, they can contact the member specialist in that area directly from the Member Section of Society's Web site at One click on the chosen Guru, assigned by categories, brings up the HelpLine request and the member's question to the Guru is on it's way over the Internet." Full story

PikeNet Dispatch
September 26, 1997

Web Success. Boston-based John M. Peckham III of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society announced by e-mail and in a CCIM forum the availability of two net leased listings owned by a Honolulu seller. Within five hours, Mike Roberts, a CCIM in Kansas City, had responded on behalf of an investor in St. Louis, who closed the transaction after a normal due diligence period.

Inman News Features
October 3, 1996

"John M. Peckham III started using technology to sell investment property in 1963 when he founded Data Realty Corp. Peckham has since trained real estate professionals in 44 states and several foreign countries in his techniques. He is a past chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and the Commercial Investment Technology Committee of the National Association of Realtors.

(Site Evaluation)

"----- an organization dedicated to maximizing the value of the Internet for real estate professionals. --a valuable collection of tools, links and resources -- This should be a stop for all professional seeking knowledge about the future of the real estate business."

International Real Estate Digest
Real Estate CyberSpace Society site rating

"Hot:(@3%) Hot sites raise the bar on the quality of information or design on the Web for real estate related sites --. A model for other sites and essential to anyone with an interest in the subject. An advancement of the medium of the World Wide Web."

New England Real Estate Journal
April 2, 1998

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society will get you quickly and effectively into the CyberSpace age."

Inman News Features
December 20,1996

"The purpose of the Society, Peckham says, is to bring real estate professionals up to date, and keep them there, on technologies cutting edge. "Our vision is to bring members up to date every 60 days on what is happening." Peckham does that---"by picking the brains of people who really know how to use the Internet." Every 60 days Society members receive three 30 minute audiotapes of interviews Peckham has conducted-".

National Real Estate Investor
September 1995

CCIM's Learn Technology Turns Copper into Gold

"Technology plays a major role in the vision of the future of real estate that John M. Peckham III, CCIM, Author of "Master Guide To Income Property Brokerage" shared with attendees at the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute's mid year conference at Copper Mountain.

All of the technology to fulfill this vision of the future is currently available, Peckham noted. The tools that are available to us today and that will evolve over the next few years will make the real estate industry a challenging and exciting place to be."

Washington (DC) Business Journal

"Peckham, a self described, CyberNaught, , who began using technology before it became fashionable, is widely known in commercial real estate circles for the remarkable ease with which he embarks on such stupendous projects. -Peckham uses a "cyberrealty", a virtual office equipped with a computer, modem and fax that sells properties in far flung places."