For Immediate Release May 2008

Survey Shows $113,000 Annual Income Edge to Tech Advantaged Real Estate Agents

Bookmark and Share What's this? (the Real Estate CyberSpace Society) has released its most recent member survey showing a startling comparison between the real estate technology haves and “have nots”. The survey indicates that real estate brokers and agents who enhance their brokerage and sales skills by keeping up with the effective use of technology and the internet far outpace their less tech savvy competitors.

Commenting on the survey, John M. Peckham III, the Society’s Executive Director, reported that the survey of the Society’s 10,000 member base showed that Society members enjoyed a median annual income of $162,000. According to Peckham the most recent member survey released by the National Association of Realtors® showed a median annual income of $49,000 or less than a third of the earnings of the tech oriented Society members.

Peckham explained that “Real Estate CyberSpace Society members are not techie nerds by any means. They are real estate professionals who use the internet and technology to make them far more effective at what they do.” He added, “We attribute this significant earnings advantage to the Society’s member tools and regular member briefings detailing new strategies for the opportunistic use of changing technology allowing them to leverage their productivity.”

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society, founded in 1996, provides its 10,000 members in 120 Chapters with the RECS (Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist) designation. Peckham describes the RECS designation as the Designation with After Care. “We take a different approach to the designation business”, he said. “Some real estate technology certifications charge a fee to take an on line course and test, award the certification, pat the recipient on the back and from there on out it’s up to the recipient to stay abreast of the rapid change – pretty much on their own or by joining an on line self supporting support group.”

According to Peckham the Society’s RECS designation is the original real estate technology/internet designation established in 1997 and is “based on far more than a quickie course. It is enhanced continuously with career empowering knowledge plus 14 real estate productivity tools and services. The Society calls this their AfterCare program that follows up the awarding of the RECS designation by providing Society members with the Real Estate CyberSpace Alert, a regular quarterly audio and print briefing from the brightest minds in the industry covering the ever changing landscape of internet productivity enhancements.”

Real estate professionals can obtain the RECS designation and membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society at

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