For Immediate Release December 2005

Real Estate CyberSpace Society Releases Three Agents Briefings on their Favorite CyberTools and Strategies

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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society today released excerpts from their December briefings. In three interviews, agents Nathan Booth, Zahara Mossman and Judy McCutchin coach listeners on the cutting-edge techniques that put them in the tech forefront of the real estate industry.

In the lead interview, international real estate specialist Dr. H. Nathan Booth confides, "I'm not really a techie. I'm just a person who finds tools that help me do what I do better and faster." What he does is conduct real estate business around the world and counsels others on the "how to's" of crossing business borders. Booth shares a very specific list of the hardware that he finds indispensable for international communication. The same tools and techniques work for agents selling properties on a more local scale. In the process of explaining the utility of his favorite equipment, however, Booth makes the strong point that any agent can conduct business globally through the power of the cyber network. He recognizes a challenge for the industry in this decade and points professionals in an optimistic direction. He advises listeners on how they can achieve distinction and how they might take advantage of global opportunity, not just in the hottest markets but also in the U.S. heartland.

In the second interview, agent Zahara Mossman, who comes to real estate from an eclectic marketing and technical background, introduces her unique, free, web-based service at Podcasting-broadcasting for download over the Internet-is a fast becoming popular tool. Mossman is an early adaptor for applying it directly to marketing real estate. "Agents should become as familiar as possible with this medium because it is on the verge of taking hold widely and will become usual within a year," she predicts. Mossman outlines how user-friendly Podcast Realty is for both consumers and professionals, and she provides resources for learning more about the concept and the site. Mossman gives examples from her own real estate sales experience of ways to use audio podcasting and of the marketing benefits from it. Podcast marketing has accelerated the flow of successful transactions for her. According to Mossman, "Every agent has the ability to do this right now, but it will not work for people who are close-minded about embracing new technology."

In the wrap-up briefing, top-producing residential specialist Judy McCutchin shares the secrets of her team approach to running her successful real estate business, which is grounded by a powerful web site. She explains how she organizes a combination of in-house and virtual assistants, each with unique responsibilities, into an integrated unit. The team is so accomplished in supporting her individual sales efforts that she is able to travel three to four months a year without compromising her business. McCutchin touches on the tools and techniques that contribute to the team's smooth functioning. She also identifies specific web sites and tools that are her own personal favorites, including the single tool she could not do without-one that maximizes her productivity and has a WOW factor for clients. A strong believer in the personal touch, McCutchin finds it easier to establish rapport with Internet-empowered consumers. She notes, "I've had sort of a long courtship with them; it's easy to gain the trust of someone you've worked with online."

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