For Immediate Release October 2002

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on How to Quarterback An On-Line Real Estate Game

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their October briefings. In three interviews, Wally Bock, Mal Duane and Jim Gillespie-all top experts on boosting real estate profits-focus on ways to apply high-tech strategies for better professional performance.

In the lead briefing, Wally Bock, author of CyberPower and a popular national speaker on cyberspace topics, puts the impact of the Internet and tech tools on real estate into perspective. The playing field for professionals is more competitive because consumers have broader and faster access to information without geographical limits. Bock tells both residential and commercial specialists how they must add value beyond the information so readily available. The goal is to provide traditional services better, but he warns that the trick is to apply technology without losing the traditional, personal touch. "Ultimately, we still do business with people." Bock advises listeners on how to strike the right balance in using technology without giving it undue prominence over people, the transaction and trust. He analyzes the pros and cons of professional real estate sites and gives a long list of practical tips for effective web site design. According to Bock, "the magic is in the mix…. The ultimate measure of a site's success is not the number of awards it wins but the amount of money it makes."

The second briefing is with Mal Duane, a frontline veteran of Internet marketing through her company, MalDuane.Com Real Estate-named for her web site in recognition of its winning ability to generate business. Duane shares insight on the ways she uses backend programs to support a high-powered real estate sales operation with a team of six full-time agents doing an estimated $40 million in sales so far this year. Among the topics she discusses are visual tours, email techniques, communication links and personalized MLS functions. She also explains how her Internet marketing has evolved as her business has grown, and she reveals her latest, innovative strategy using multiple web sites. Duane is seeing firsthand that more buyers are looking for listings and previewing properties on virtual tours before they even seek professional assistance. Her key advice to listeners: "You need to have a web presence to give yourself a chance to connect with the 80% of buyers who go to the Internet as their first source of real estate information."

In the wrap-up briefing, Jim Gillespie, America's Premier Real Estate CoachSM, presents lessons on building visibility via e-newsletters and e-zines. He stresses the urgency of his message. "Be the first in your territory to establish an e-newsletter or e-zine to give yourself an advantage in recruiting subscribers-latecomers to this marketing opportunity will be shut out!" Sensitive to the many other demands on agents' time, Gillespie offers practical ways for real estate pros to keep an electronic publication project manageable. Related topics include the use of listservers and autoresponders and the comparative benefits of using plain text vs. HTML. Gillespie also recognizes the importance of "centers of influence," and he advises listeners on how to cultivate them as a resource to leverage their marketing reach in the community.

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