For Immediate Release November 1999

NAR Honors Real Estate Cyberspace Society'sCyber Disk As Pick Of The Month

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has honored a cyberage product designed to help real estate professionals get up and running in CyberSpace. In the NAR Realtor Magazine received by the 750,000 NAR members this month the Real Estate DealMaking Wizard Disk was featured as the NAR Product Pick of the month.

The NAR Product Picks review described the CyberDisk as follows: "Cut through the chaos of selling property on the Internet with the Real Estate Cyber DealMaking Wizard Disk. It helps you create an on-line marketing plan for selling residential, commercial, and investment property and includes a presentation template for demonstrating your plan to potential clients."

The Wizard Disk was developed by the rapidly growing Real Estate CyberSpace Society . John M. Peckham III, Executive Director, thinks the Society's "Real Estate Cyber DealMaking Wizard Disk" is worth Two Thousand Dollars -- but he is giving it away! There is one small hitch though, the recipient must try the other Society tools and services -- all delivered to Society members and included for the "paltry" (his words) $149.95 membership fee members pay to support the 14 services and tools the Society delivers to them each year.

According to Peckham the Cyber DealMaking Disk received immediate applause from Society members: Rita Wright Todd CIPS, CRS, GRI, RECS of Arvida Realty Services in Marco Island, Florida, enthused, "What a great tool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I could never pay you enough for such a comprehensive marketing outline as you are giving away as part of our membership! I thought I had pretty well covered the waterfront, but you are providing an ocean of opportunities on this one little disk. It's great!"

Peckham announced that the Cyber DealMaking Disk was delivered to all Society members after nearly a year in development. "The DealMaking Disk contains four powerful yet simple systems (Wizards) all contained on the one disk. Each Wizard guides the user through the action steps to create and implement a highly effective and focused Cyber Marketing Plan to sell or lease members available listings. We are giving the DealMaking Disk away to attract new members to the Society. We know from experience that, once they join and experience the support provided by the Society, they will remain loyal boosters."

There are 3 separate Property Wizards contained on the DealMaking Disk:
� One for selling Homes.
� One for selling Investment property.
� One for selling or leasing User Commercial property.

In addition to the 3 Property Wizards, the DealMaking Disk contains a special Wizard to guide the user through the action steps to create a powerful Personal or Company Services Cyber Promotion Plan.

Each Wizard also contains a special closing tool in the form of a customizable presentation template allowing the user to easily and effectively demonstrate a CyberMarketing presentation to potential customers and clients.

Steven Weinstock, CCIM, of the Friedman Real Estate Group in Farmington Hills, MI, on receiving his DealMaking disk, mirrored the reaction of fellow Society members: "Bravo! Just looked through the Cyber DealMaking Wizard. Even advanced users can see the inherent value in the Wizard."

Peckham stated that the Society, after studying the needs (and frustrations) of real estate professionals through its popular "Selling in CyberSpace" Seminar, created the DealMaking Disk to bring all of the powerful Internet real estate marketing resources together in one easy to use yet powerful disk. "It took 5 of the Society's top strategists 10 months to identify and organize the resources on the DealMaking Disk. No more time consuming and frustrating hours spent trying to find the right ListServers or the best places to hook up with buyers and sellers", he said. "Now, for example, by using the DealMaking Wizards contained on the disk, the real estate pro can get a promotional message out to 15,000 contacts for the deal or the referral in 5 minutes --- with one click!"

Over 2000 real estate professionals have joined the fast growing Real Estate Cyberspace Society, with 49 Chapters across the United States and in several countries. The Society provides real estate professionals with the latest up to the minute real estate Cyberspace tools and information to leverage their effectiveness, visibility and professionalism.

Society membership is open to all active real estate professionals. Members pay annual dues of $149.95. The Society serves its members and the public from its Boston Headquarters 617-523-4441 and its Worldwide Internet Office at

Information regarding the full interviews in the November release of The Real Estate Cyberspace Alert and membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441 or by e-mail at

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