Enter the Mind of a Hacker

Ready is a cybersecurity video series that we tailor for different industries with an immersive narrative based on Threat Avatar Theory. Not to be confused with ordinary educational videos, it provides training through entertainment.
Learn from the opponent's perspective

Experience cyber security from the attacker's viewpoint, and understand how seemingly insignificant behaviors can be exploited. This shift in perspective highlights the gap between organizational security protocols and the real-world dynamics of cyber-crime.

Retain More with Narrative-Led Training

Our series transcends traditional cyber-security training by integrating essential cyber-security behaviors into a captivating, interactive story. This narrative-based method fosters more meaningful learning and ensures better retention of key themes.

Empower Your Workforce

Equip your workforce with valuable insights into how behaviors can influence organizational resilience. Discover actions that bolster security and those that make the attacker's job easier.