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"Leveraging Today's Powerful Tech Tools!"

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Interview with Dave Beson

Dave Beson Seminars
7200 West 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55439

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How to Use Technology in Challenging Times

  1. Technology has gotten easier, but people have acquired more tools; don't put off learning to use the technology you have and make it work for you.
  2. For example, even older agents understand how to record video at home, but they do not apply the knowledge for a marketing advantage.
  3. Beson's main message now is on "Pipeline Management" - paying attention to finding new customers and cultivating repeat business; this essential has been eclipsed by too much attention on short sales, foreclosures and other drama.
  4. Having a good web site and effective outgoing email campaigns are important; automate your contacts and keep in touch with people; synch your mobile phone to the rest of your system.
Tech Innovation

  1. Smart phones are actually mini-computers with phone functionality; their price-point (around $300-$400) can put off would-be users; making them user-friendly yet fully capable has been a challenge.
  2. The iPhone is a significant change in that it requires no manual and makes everyone feel talented; essentially a music/video interface, hundreds of free applications have become available.
  3. The right, easy-to-use tech tools enhance an agent's talent for connecting with people and relating experience and knowledge; technology helps agents solve tough real estate issues and problems while letting their personality shine through.
Effective Web Sites

  1. Agents should streamline their web sites to be more customer-centric; include messages about how they serve people and solve problems.
  2. Short videos from satisfied customers about the agent saving them time and money are powerful endorsements.
  3. Special reports for people to download about practical topics of interest to buyers and/or sellers attract interest from web visitors; topics might be: How to Save Money When You Buy or Sell, How to Condition Your Home to Sell Faster, Dangers of Buying a Short Sale or Foreclosure.
  4. Include a prominent button for visitors to click if they want to buy, sell or have a question; use a pop-up box to capture their contact information and alert you on your smart phone so that you can reply immediately.
  5. Enhance listings on your site with plenty of photos and virtual tours; keep the site fresh with frequent updates of information-good web sites are not static; using video is important.
  6. Use one of the major RE sites, such as or, and add your own twist; integrate the same message in your print and online marketing.
Profit Tip for the Next 60 Days

  1. Too many agents get stuck in the "getting ready" stage without ever launching a plan.
  2. Focusing on the Pipeline concept, build a simple universe of people (even 20 are enough) and implement a plan of action to contact them-by phone, email, postcards or newsletter.
  3. Communicate your value-add and request a referral or a real estate question that you can answer for the contact.
  4. Real estate agents need to be ACTION figures; put to use what you already have!
  5. The current real estate market is very tough-even in active markets, agents typically need to do three times as many transactions to make the same amount of money as in the golden years; greater organization and follow-up are required, and wise use of technology can help.
Advice for Listing Presentations

  1. The issue of price needs to be handled gently; present key market statistics to inform potential clients; say "the market indicates" instead of "I think" or "Your home is worth …."
  2. An archery target makes an effective illustration; the bullseye is a comp property that recently sold; comps that stayed on the market longer or were withdrawn because they were priced too high are the outer rings.
  3. Focus on what it takes to get the home sold.
The Long-Term View

  1. In five years when the market decline (and the real-estate-as-ATM-mentality) is more distant, people are likely to think broadly about how much they enjoy their property, not just about how much it is worth; a little bit of market gain will seem satisfying.
  2. Real estate is here to stay as a last bastion of free enterprise; agents will continue to have power to improve their own business-opportunity exists for those who are willing to work and to focus.
  3. Each agent deals with just a piece of the market, but the media and statistics cover generalities; even today, market statistics don't have much impact on one agent who chooses to stand out.
  4. Beson would like to see the industry recognized for helping ordinary people get through extraordinarily tough times; agents have assisted owners in distress and accepted low commissions.
Conditions Abroad

  1. Touring in Europe to give seminars has increased the respect Beson has for the real estate system in the United States.
  2. In many cases, other countries have no MLS and little documentation of ownership; FSBOs and low commissions are common; sellers and buyers suffer from lack of professional cooperation and a lingering banking crisis.
  3. Real estate varies greatly from country to country; there are places around the world with up-to-date markets, but in others, business is done without an organized MLS, professional cooperation and other advantages we take for granted.
Favorite Tech Tools and Sites

  1. Xobni is a software application for users of Outlook to get remote access to their contact list.
  2. The Flip video camera (around $199) allows easy transfer of video to your computer, easy editing and easy email distribution; the camera is great for virtual tours, commercials and testimonials.
  3. Posting to YouSendIt or DropBox is a handy alternative to email and burning CDs for sharing large files.
  4. Camtasia from can record and post full-blown PowerPoint presentations; Snagit is a tool from the same company that will capture online information for your use; both have free trials.