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(Your Name) CyberTips
June 2019


What is The "My Name" CyberTips Customer Program?
CyberTips is an e-mail newsletter professionally prepared for you to provide to your customers, personalized with any or all of the following: your name, picture, phone number, office address, e-mail address, and web address. It consists of articles on internet and technology topics of interest to most consumers.

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How much does my custom CyberTips cost?
The current 12 month subscription rate is only$ 149.95 ($12.50/month) -- considerably less than any other custom newsletter program - including many that cost over $500/year!

How often are new newsletters created?
Once each month. On the first of the month you will receive your sample cover letter and link via e-mail.

How will my customers find my newsletter?
You simply send an e-mail to everyone you would like to stay in contact with. Also, you can put a link on your web site to your personal newsletter.

When will it be ready?
Your newsletter is ready to go and available to you as soon as you subscribe. We will set up your newsletter and you can view it immediately in your own "Newsletter Control Center".

How do I make changes to the information about me?
Simply go to your Newsletter Control Center. All changes to your newsletter can be made there and will appear instantly.

Do I need to do anything else to get each month's newsletter?
No. On the first day of each month, you will automatically be notified via e-mail that your new newsletter is ready. The e-mail will give you the URL and a brief synopsis of the contents suitable for forwarding to your customers.

How do I send the newsletter to my clients and prospects?
Simply send the CyberTips e-mail you receive each month to your clients, customers, prospects and centers of influence. The URL to your newsletter never changes and the newsletter automatically updates on the first of the month so you never need to change links.

Can I link to the newsletter from my Web Site?
YES! Your CyberTips newsletter appears automatically each month. If you would like to link to your CyberTips newsletter from your primary web site, simply put the URL to your newsletter on your web site once and you will be all set with fresh copy -- month after month - without lifting a finger!

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