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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio
Through the "Real Estate CyberSpace Alert" Society members eavesdrop on the world's most successful real estate CyberMasters as they brief members and share their trade secrets on how to sell, finance and acquire real estate in cyberspace -- and how members can promote themselves and their services. Each month you can listen to a selection from these valuable briefings here.
Real Estate On-Line Library
Real Estate Books you can Read On-line.
Real Estate Cybertips:
A Multitude of Tricks, Tips and Information for Real Estate Professionals!
Selling In Cyberspace:
The following articles on Selling in CyberSpace are excerpted from Jack Peckham's column that appears regularly in the New England Real Estate Journal, the Florida Real Estate Journal and several Realtor Association magazines, newsletters and newspapers. All material is Copyright 1996.1997.and 1998, Real Estate CyberSpace Society. Reproduction is prohibited except with the written permission of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society. Although the thrust of some of the material has a Commercial real estate slant, the Society believes that the principles in most cases are applicable to all specialties.