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"A coaching client of mine had a $3.5 million listing and hadn't received any offers for over two months. I advised him to use RealBuyer Direct, and when he did, he received five offers on the property within the first two weeks and just closed the sale with one of these offers."
Jim Gillespie, "America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coach"

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What is RealBuyer Direct?

The RealBuyer Direct real estate buyers' database is a searchable national database of over 7000 institutional buyers including their detailed investment criteria. Each lead provides the appropriate contact person, address, phone and fax number (in many cases e-mail contact information), type of property sought, preferred investment size, geographical preference, minimum square footage (if applicable) and minimum number of units (if applicable). In most cases notes pertaining to the company and containing valuable information relative to acquisition desires and plans are included.

What will RealBuyer Direct do for you?

You can search for specific buyers by desired property type, investment size and geographical preferences, square footage and number of units (if applicable), and group buyers accordingly. Using RealBuyer Direct you will be able to present your property to the most qualified and interested buyers in the country in minutes!

What makes RealBuyer Direct unique?

RealBuyer Direct is not only a compilation of the nation's leading buyers of Commercial and Investment Real Estate and businesses, but also an intricately designed system allowing you to locate, through a simple on-line search box, just the right buyers for your property. This proven system, designed by brokers for brokers, will produce active buyers whose specific buying criteria match your property or listing.

What criteria are searchable in RealBuyer Direct?

There are hundreds of buyers' preferences for all the "regular" type investments - multifamily, retail, industrial plus land in many categories - all searchable by size and location. And the criteria are in the buyers' words describing their specific needs! Plus there are multiple buyers for hundreds of special category properties - no matter how obscure that type is! Got a listing on a correctional facility-Shazam- multiple buyers with contact information including web sites! How about a golf driving range? A loan company - a hospital - a hotel (17 types to pick from - or pick all) - raw land (43 categories) - a race track - a resort or recreational property - RV parks - a theatre - timberland.

That's the awesome power of REAL Buyer Direct! No matter what type of real estate or business you have to sell, you can find multiple buyers in the RealBuyer Direct database 24 hours a day! And we maintain it for you! There is no tool like it anywhere in the world today!

How do I use RealBuyer Direct?

It's a very simple point and click process! By entering your property type, price and location, from the filter select options, RealBuyer Direct will pin-point specific buyers, sorting and producing only those buyers whose specific buying criteria match your property. Through this unique selection and grouping process, you are enabled to contact the right buyers for your offering in mass.

We do all the research - and keep the RealBuyer Direct database up-to-date for you!

The RealBuyer Direct research staff updates the database on a daily basis, providing you with access to the very latest contact information. This system produces multiple buyers for the same property - a phenomenon that helps to insure a rapid sale at market price for the property you are selling.

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How many times have you paid thousands of dollars in advertising and other efforts to reach buyers? How much is RealBuyer Direct worth to you? For years hundreds of commercial specialists paid an annual fee of $995 to use this powerful sales tool. Now during this limited time beta period a full access 12-month real Buyer Direct subscription is being offered for only $495. Your subscription is good for one full year of unlimited access - even at this special rate!

You can lock in this special beta price now and your subscription will allow you 24/7 access to the over 7000 real buyers in this powerful database!

Information is power and this on-demand list of multiple targeted buyers will give you the upper hand in the competitive commercial real estate world!

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