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For Immediate Release February 1998

Society's Peckham Warps Jack Conway Company Conclave to Real Estate Future

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At the Jack Conway Company Annual Convention in Braintree this week, Jack Conway introduced John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Boston based Real Estate CyberSpace Society, who delivered the Keynote address, " Real Estate Warp-a Look to the Year 2008."

Peckham's vision, delivered to the several hundred Conway associates assembled at the convention, was based on his 35 years of "fighting in the real estate brokerage trenches", and also on his service to the industry in the Strategic Planning and Technology arenas. Much of his insight is based on research support from the National Association of Realtors® when and after he served as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of that 700,000 member organization and from the ongoing current research of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society.

Attendees were treated to a magical look at the Real Estate world as it will look 8 years into the next Century. Peckham sees a world where the real estate agent will become even more important to the home buyer and seller. He described how technologies such as Maxicybe, Warpclose, Cybervest, Instantprop, Cybervoice, Instantviscom, Megacopy, Autotranslate, Cybernotice, and Cyberdata will affect the way agents and the public will transact their real estate dealings in the next century.

Peckham emphasized that even though dramatic change is in store, the future is now. He demonstrated many of the current CyberSpace tools available to real estate professionals and consumers today and explained that the briefings and tools of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society are available to any real estate professional through membership in the Society which he claimed is the fastest growing real estate support organization in the world today. He pointed out that salespeople within the Jack Conway Company, as with any professional real estate organization, while continuing to apply the basics of honesty, diligence and integrity, can distinguish themselves individually both externally and internally by using Cyberspace tools to market themselves as well as their listings.

Peckham told attendees that a firm like the Jack Conway Company will benefit even more than the national monoliths because of Conway's local quality control and market roots. "The Internet and all of the anticipated technological change are great equalizers," he said. "A company such as Conway will combine it's community-based strength and it's very strong local market identity and knowledge with the exceptional networking power of the Internet. Real estate is all about networking and the Internet is the ultimate networking tool," Peckham concluded.

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
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Boston, MA 02114
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