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For Immediate Release April 1997

Society Announces Realtor® Association and Affiliates Cyberspace Support Program

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John M. Peckham III Executive Director of the Real Estate Cybersapce Society has announced a special Cyberspace support program for Realtor Associations and Affiliate Organizations.

Peckham explained that the Society's AssociationLink Program provides a key designated staff member of any participating State, Local, or Affiliate Realtor Association with a complimentary membership in the Society including all Society briefings and regular and charter membership benefits.

The Society's "Real Estate Cybersapce Alert" briefings are delivered every 60 days in audio cassette form accompanied by a 4 page newsletter print summary. Each Alert contains 3 in depth interviews with the Worlds leading Real Estate Cyberspace experts who share their vision of Real Estate Cyberspace strategies, trends, threats, opportunities, secrets and tips.

Recent interviewees have included Bud Smith, Executive Vice President, National Association of Realtors (NAR); Brian Jeans, Real Estate Director, Microsoft Corporation; Becky Smith, CEO , International Real Estate Directory and Brad Inman, Inman News Features.

In addition to the 11 membership services the Society's AssociationLink Program financially supports existing association Web pages and s significant revenues to participating associations through the AssociationLink Web banner Program.

Another feature of the Society's AssociationLink Program also provides income to participating associations through an information packet which summarizes Society Programs for association's members and invites their participation.

Peckham explained that this component of the program helps to educate not only those techno-savvy members but also those members who are still "nibbling around technology and about to take their early bites at connectivity. We are here to help associations lead their members successfully into Cyberspace", Peckham added.

"All of us at the Real Estate Cyberspace Society value our relationships through the Society's AssociationLink Program," Peckham said.. "We feel that the Society's AssociationLink is a Win Win Win Program:

1. Association members who select Society affiliation receive valuable Cyberspace support services from a quality support organization. As Society Members they receive the absolutely latest strategies and tools for competing successfully in Real Estate Cyberspace ----and with The Society's absolute money back guarantee, Associations can be sure that their members can affiliate and start enjoying all of the Member Services with no risk.

2. Participating Associations receive:

    a. A complimentary full Society membership for the association's key Cyberspace staff member including all briefings, and benefits,

    b. A significant revenue stream ( with no inventory to carry – and little or no staff time involvement!), and

    c. Member satisfaction and important professional advancement from a sound and valuable affiliation.

Association Executives can access and review the Real Estate Cyberspace Society services by clicking through from NAR's One Realtor Place where The Society is featured at the "Taxi Stand" or by going directly to the Society's Internet Web page at

The Society's complete self contained AssociationLink Program details including the simple step by step process for participating can be accessed from the SponsorLink tab on the Society's page. The password needed for entry is "profit".

The AssociationLink Program details can also be accessed directly at

"We will be pleased to work with participating associations on our mutual vision to bring our industry to a new level of extraordinary service through the effective use of Real Estate Cyberage tools and strategies" Peckham concluded.

Peckham is a past Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of the National Association of Realtors, Chaired it's Communications, Public Relations Committees and several NAR Technology Committees. He served as member of the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee and when NAR Regional Vice President served as liaison to the NAR Executive Officers Committee. A columnist for the Boston Herald for 9 years, his column 'Real Estate Cybersapce Strategies" appears regularly in the New England Real Estate Journal and The Florida Real Estate Journal.

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736