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For Immediate Release March 1997

Real Estate Cyberspace Society’s Jack Peckham to appear at Real Estate Connect 97

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John M. "Jack" Peckham III of Boston has a mission to help bring the Real Estate Industry into the Cyberage – and he is not alone. He will be joined by one thousand real estate industry and technology leaders at the Real Estate Connect 97 technology summit in San Francisco on July 24-25th.

Jack is the Executive Director of The Real Estate Cyberspace Society ( and will address the Commercial Investment contingent with his insider secrets for "Selling Investment Property in Cyberspace".

Produced by Inman News Features, this first annual Summit will focus on the dynamically changing complexion of real estate and the Internet's impact on this economic segment. Peckham’s appearance guarantees that Commercial Investment real estate professionals will be provided with a full plate of Cyberspace marketing tips and tricks.

A recent April Fool’s gag had a boss sending his personnel department looking for a Web Page designer with at least 10 years experience---.Of course the hunt was futile. But you could send the department out to look for a real estate pro who has over 30 years of experience using technology to sell real estate investment properties --- and they would come back with Jack Peckham!

In 1963 Peckham founded Data Realty Corporation in Boston and he was off and running selling real estate investments by matching buyers and sellers with an old IBM keypunch and sorter!

At any one time Jack has had as many as 30 salespeople doing commercial- investment sales for him. But now, when he isn’t out training others for the Society, he says he is selling more per year at the Peckham Boston Advisory Company ( ), his one man brokerage shop, using today’s connectivity technology that "the whole band of rascals did a few years ago!"

Peckham knowledge and experience base is as deep as it is long. He Chaired several major committees of the 730,000 member National Association of Realtors including it’s prestigious "think tank" Strategic Planning Committee along with two of NAR’s major technology Committees.

Peckham points out that Commercial Investment Real Estate is all about networking—and that the Internet is the ultimate networking tool.. His successes bear him out. He has closed transactions with buyers from as far away as Japan and, along with several other Internet related transactions, is currently closing the sale of a hydroelectric Dam to a Buyer from Switzerland who visited his Web Site and flew to Boston last week to cement the deal. His first Internet closing was on a $2.6 Million Dollar Walgreens in Massachusetts to a buyer from the Internet in Florida. He is now cloning that transaction with another Walgreens he has placed under contract at $3.3 million to a buyer from New Jersey through an Internet co-broker contact in Arkansas.

Peckham expressed excitement for the opportunity presented to Commercial Investment professionals at the Real Estate Connect 97 conference." Back in the IBM punch card days our competitors were bogged down searching through their index cards, we were out there making deals!"

"That early experience got me hooked! From then on I made sure I stayed on top of the latest technology. Everything from using next- to-no-cost E-mail for mass promotions, to setting up a 24-hour "Virtual Storefront" that gets dozens of buyers and sellers to contact me every week, no matter where I am or what I'm doing -- (even when I'm sleeping)!"

"The punch cards are "history" now, but the message is clear. The change we are presently experiencing every few months now is as great as a decade of change in the past. So staying up-to-date today is more important than ever -- there is so much information out there, so many contacts to be made -- AND there are more opportunities than ever before. BUT -- it's all happening very fast!"

"That's both good and bad news. The bad news is things are changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up. The good news is -- Those of us who stay on the cutting edge will leave the others far behind. Many of us recognize that with all of this change comes significant opportunity –"

And opportunity Peckham preaches – from the pulpit of experience. The Real Estate Cyberspace Society underwrites his travels so that he can get out around the country with his seminars and training on using Cyberspace to sell Real Estate. Jack has done his training thing for real estate Groups from Hawaii to Puerto Rico—from Alaska to White River Junction--- and always to a full house. A consortium of six banks even flew him to South Africa to do his Cyberspace Seminars in five cities there before squiring him off to the private game preserve at Sabi Sabi! ("They even had a fax machine there!", he added.).

Jack says that because he has profited so immensely using Real Estate Cyberspace tools, he has learned to identify the Cyber tools and strategies that work in our Real Estate industry (and the ones that don't)!

Through his "Real Estate Cybersapce Strategies" and "Selling Real Estate in Cybersapce" seminars and newspaper columns (New England Real Estate Journal, Florida Real Estate Journal and Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal, he has helped Real Estate professionals harness the power of the Internet and other Cyberspace tools. He promises to do the same at Real Estate Connect 97 as he shows Commercial-Investment practitioners how to make more money with the most profitable Real Estate Cyberspace contacts, the best Cyberspace resources for closing and financing Real Estate transactions and the best Cyberspace strategies for saving time and using Cyberspace profitably with a minimum of wasted time and hassle.

Real Estate Connect 97 has been designed as a time and place where the business and technology executives of the leading organizations in the real estate industry can connect to consider the most critical issues facing our business today. To stimulate insight, the Summit will feature national speakers on online commerce, Internet marketing and advertising, virtual communities, Web-based property listing services, real estate data and content, online real estate transactions, developing technologies and new competition within the traditional real estate verticals.

Program and registration information can be found at

There will be three hard-hitting tracks, covering distinct areas of real estate technology. The Executive Track, called "The Buck Stops Here," will focus on partnerships, deals, online transactions, online demographics, Web investments, and returns on investment. The Operations Track, "Staying on Top of the Curve," is designed for managers and will cover listing databases, mapping systems, copyright, online sales and marketing, search engines and content. The Technology Track, "Applying the Latest Technology," will focus on Java, Active X, Marimba, firewalls and encryption.

"If you aren't in San Francisco on July 24, 25 and 26, you aren't serious about the Internet and real estate," said Bradley Inman, president of the Inman Group and host of Real Estate Connect. "This will be a unique opportunity to meet and do business with the leading real estate technologists who today are building the real estate transaction and marketing systems of the future."

Join 1,000 leading real estate industry executives, managers and technologists for the "gotta be there" conference of the year.

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736