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For Immediate Release May 1997

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Unveils Real Estate Virtual Desktop at NAR Washington Meetings

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The National Association of Realtors featured the introduction of several new Cyberspace services of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society at their Mid Year Meetings in Washington, DC this past week.

John M. Peckham III , Executive Director of the Society addressed attendees at the Member Information Services Forum and invited real estate professionals to network with the worlds most successful Cyber professionals in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society as they share their insider trade secrets on how to sell, finance and acquire real estate in Cyberspace. According to Peckham, "the Society is the fastest growing real estate organization in the World today with real estate professionals worldwide joining at the rate of over 20 per day-seven days a week."

Peckham who travels the country presenting his popular "Selling Real Estate In Cyberspace" seminars stated that Society was founded to help members:

  1. Get up and running, quickly, effectively and profitably in Cyberspace,
  2. Keep abreast of the rapid technological changes and Cyberspace strategies revolutionizing the real estate industry, and
  3. Network with the world's most successful Cyber professionals.

Jack Peckham has been using technology to sell Real Estate since 1963 when he founded Data Realty Corporation. He has been involved in better than a BILLION dollars in real estate closings using technology and has Chaired the Strategic Planning Committee and the Commercial Technology Committee of the 730,000 member national Association of Realtors.

Last year he discovered that the Internet is only a part of the real estate technology revolution. He says that the part many overlook is made up of dozens of simple tricks the Cyber real estate professionals are using to outpace the competition. This revelation occurred when he put information out on a 2.6 Million Dollar real estate deal at 1:30pm---and had eight buyers for the property in 3 hours. One of them flew from Florida to Boston three days later to sign papers. When he closed he shared a substantial commission with a fellow broker who was also using CyberTools. Soon after he closed on a hydroelectric dam and placed several properties including an airport and a shopping center under contract. He has a $3.6 Million dollar closing scheduled in 3 weeks on a deal in New England through a broker in Arkansas with a buyer from New Jersey-none of whom he has ever seen---all from the Internet!

According to Peckham, "The cornerstone for the Society is a member briefing pack called the Real Estate Cyberspace Alert which allows us to bring Society members the very latest Cyberspace strategies. This time saving audio/print combination presents "private conversations" with real estate Cyberspace Gurus directly to Society members.

"I have networked with scores of very talented friends over the years, and through these contacts I am able to bring the most brilliant and successful minds in today's real estate markets directly to members. We have completed strategy sessions with guests such as Wally Bock ("Cyberpower for Business"), Bud Smith, Executive V.P. of the National Association of Realtors and Brian Jeans-Bill Gate's top real estate executive..". Peckham stated that "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert gives members a leg up on the competition with timely cutting edge information delivered in it's truly unique dual audio/print format which allows members to even learn the techniques even in their cars--"a major time saver!", he enthuses.

Peckham pointed out that "non members would have to fly all over the country and pay thousands of dollars a day to access these Cyber experts but that with member support they can have inexpensive and absolutely up to date insider tips and techniques that will keep them current in this rapidly changing Cyberworld."

Every 60 days RECS members receive 3 strategy sessions packs on cassette which Peckham conducts with the invited Cyber experts . Each features top mentors in the Real Estate and Cyberspace industry. Along with the audio version members receive a valuable and convenient newsletter summary of those interviews including a hotlist of addresses to all Internet web pages mentioned in the interviews.

The Real Estate Cyber Alert member service is augmented by the Society's Web page at, which provides members with open access to the Society's CyberMasters through a direct link to them. The Society's site also provides several other services including it's award winning Real Estate Cyberspace Tools-a virtual Real Estate Desktop.

Peckham demonstrated the Society's "Real Estate BlackBook Cyberdisk, another Society service which is given to each new member as they join and updated regularly. He describes the "BlackBook" as an instant roadmap to Real Estate sources on the Internet giving immediate access to what the Society considers to be the very best Real Estate sites on the Internet.

He described just a few of the special places that the Real Estate BlackBook Cyberdisk disk gives instant access to resources such as:

  • 4 Giant Directories that link members to the majority of real estate professionals world-wide by specialty or geography.
  • 12 sources of financing for members' real estate deals.
  • 40 research sources, i.e., Dow Jones, U.S. Census Bureau, WSJ, etc.
  • A link allowing members to send their messages to thousands of real estate pros in minutes
  • Many money-making, time-saving categories -- Legal (Martindale- Hubbell and Lawyer Search), Search Engines, Travel & City Information, International contacts...and ----
  • The BlackBook Secret Service File - A special collection of little known links used by special investigators to obtain inside information -- especially valuable Real Estate pros!
The Real Estate BlackBook Cyberdisk has links to 500 pre-screened Internet sites of "inestimable value to Real Estate professionals." "The Society could have assembled 50,000 but that would have been easy -- but then users would have had to spend hundreds of hours of their time to wade through the Internet maze. We did the research to save members the time and get them up to warp speed-quickly - and easily!" he concluded.

Peckham extended a special invitation to attendees and members of the Real Estate Community to visit the Society's Internet Office at where real estate professionals can access the Society's services and membership information.

Jack Peckham is available for interview and can be reached at 617 523 4440.

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736