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For Immediate Release August 2001

Real Estate Cyberspace Society ReleasesKey Briefings With NAR President And Tech Specialists On EffectiveWeb Marketing

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BOSTON, MASS. - The Real Estate CyberSpace Society today released excerpts from the Society's August audio/print member briefing, Real Estate CyberSpace Alert. In three taped interviews, National Association of REALTORS® President Richard Mendenhall plus Chris Newell and Allen Hainge explore the greatest changes and challenges facing the real estate industry in Web connectivity. They focus on the tools and strategies real estate professionals can use to maximize their business through Internet marketing.

In the lead briefing, 2001 NAR President Richard Mendenhall, also owner of a residential and commercial brokerage, emphasizes the Internet as a rising tool for reaching consumers. He identifies some key issues about its use that individual professionals and the industry as a whole need to address. Two of the most challenging are the dilemma of providing full online service to AOL users and de facto "competition" between broker sites and regional and national real estate sites. Mendenhall suggests some first steps and points Society members in the direction of a solution. He makes clear that technology is advancing rapidly worldwide-and that, surprisingly, the U.S. lags in use of some cutting-edge examples. Even the most common tech tool, email, deserves more attention from real estate practitioners. "There is a dire need for a lot more training across our entire association of REALTORS® and REALTORS® everywhere to learn more about email," Mendenhall says. "And once they [get that training], they increase their business." According to Mendenhall, increasing business is what the use of technology is all about.

The second Alert interview with Chris Newell moves right to the front lines of applying technology on a daily basis. Newell is a cyber-savvy agent who shares his technology knowledge freely. On the hardware side, he describes his favorite tools for making money and for impressing clients, and he outlines how he uses these tools. Central to his marketing strategy are his web sites-Newell integrates three primary sites. He explains ways to use multiple sites effectively, including how to identify serious buyers and sellers. In giving tips on building traffic, he notes that ranking high with search engines "makes a difference but�not a substantial difference." He considers other criteria more important. Among other topics, Newell covers timesaving tricks for managing email and easy ways to generate extra income from your web site.

In the wrap-up member briefing, Allen Hainge, national CyberStar technology trainer, returns to update the Society on the impact technology has had on real estate since he appeared on the first issue of the Alert in October 1996. He is perfectly clear in his opinion: "In the last five years, the greatest change has been the move to web sites!" The cornerstone of what Hainge describes as "Web-centric marketing" is a deep, consumer-oriented web site. Its purpose is to increase market share and improve the bottom line of real estate business. Hainge uses ideas implemented by top agents from around the country to illustrate his beyond-the-traditional approach to marketing. In addition to website tips, Hainge offers crucial advice for email efficiency and for better networking. In addition to the valuable DOs, Hainge also identifies three critical DON'Ts-the most common mistakes that some agents make, but you should avoid.

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society, with membership in 25 countries, provides its 4,000 members in 90 Chapters with tools and services for maximizing their real estate professionalism and effectiveness, plus a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 90 similar interviews are broadcast at the Society's "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": The Society invites the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a wide selection of audio briefings there.

Information regarding the full interviews in this release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-559-0000, at or by e-mail at


John Peckham, Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society offered listeners the opportunity to tune in these RealComm 2000 Conference featured sessions, "along with 90 other top flight real estate Cyberspace Visionaries at Real Estate CyberSpace Radio -- "Real Estate Technology--Around the Clock!"

Information regarding the full interviews in this release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441, at or by e-mail at

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