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For Immediate Release October 1999

Real Estate Cyberspace Society ReleasesBriefing With Three Online Innovators

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Boston, MA John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society released excerpts today from the Society's October audio/print member briefing, Real Estate Cyberspace Alert. In three taped interviews, Internet pioneers Brad Inman, James Marrelli and Jon Paulson reveal how their respective company web sites are forging new territory on both the residential and the commercial sides of the real estate marketplace.

Brad Inman, CEO and founder of, is the first CyberGuru to make a return appearance on the Alert. In the October lead interview, he explains how the unique approach of HomeGain - to do something for sellers - has a key advantage for Realtors®. HomeGain aggressively applies the concept of dynamic matching to real estate services for the mutual benefit of consumer and real estate professional. "Consumers who select an agent after doing their due diligence on HomeGain have confidence in the agent from the outset. Transactions are expedited when trust doesn't have to be built during the time of crucial decisions," he explains. According to Inman, the Realtors® who figure out how to work with the new breed of web-informed clients will be the big winners. He advises Realtors® how to become "e-agents" by applying the latest, breakaway technology.

In the second Alert interview, James Marrelli, VP of Commercial Services for parent company HomeGain, gives members the lowdown on, the official commercial real estate Internet site of the National Association of Realtors®. "CommercialSource is positioned as a portal to assist professionals in navigating the commercial real estate industry efficiently," sums up Marrelli. "Savvy commercial agents are using the Internet to differentiate themselves from the competition and to take the lead within their field." At least 150,000 NAR members practice commercial real estate at least part of the time. Marrelli emphasizes that there is also a niche in the industry for residential specialists who occasionally handle a commercial sale. He explains that the CommercialSource site is about saving time and energy, and about creating community by getting people to connect. As upgrades are being developed, the focus remains on creating tools that really support commercial practitioners.

In the wrap-up member briefing, Senior VP of, Jon Paulson, highlights his company's progressive new site as the source of powerful search programs unparalleled in quality and accuracy. He explains how the uniqueness of the information provided to commercial/investment professionals and principals is rooted in the company's full-time research staff. However, Paulson makes clear, "PropertyFirst goes beyond being an MLS to help commercial brokers with all aspects of their business." He outlines how the firm has developed its system to fit the broker and the brokerage firms, building products and services to support every step of the transaction process. Paulson believes that PropertyFirst's niche is to be the premier service provider to the commercial real estate community - akin to the NYSE in the financial industry - but he names other providers working from different models and strategies who are also likely to survive the growing competition.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides its members with information on Real Estate technology issues and strategies, and a common meeting ground for professionals from all Real Estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 50 similar interviews are now posted at the Society's new "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio" at: He invited the Real Estate community and the public to visit and listen to a selection of audio briefings there.

Information regarding the full interviews in the October release of The Real Estate Cyberspace Alert and membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441 or by e-mail at

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