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For Immediate Release June 1997

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Releases Three CyberMaster's Real Estate Briefings

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KevinMcCarthy, Aaron Davenport and Phil McBride Featured

John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cybersapce Society released today key excerpts from the Society's bi-monthly "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert" 90 minute member briefing.

In three taped interviews with Kevin McCarthy, Aaron Davenport and Phil McBride, Society members received a thorough briefing on the most profitable cyber strategies for Real Estate professionals to be using now. Included were specific hardware and software recommendations.

In the lead briefing , Kevin McCarthy, CEO of Real Estate Technology Institute and a nationally recognized technology trainer, emphasized the "WOW-power" Realtors can derive from doing listing presentations with the assistance of laptops and digital cameras. McCarthy also told members that having a Web page is a necessity in today's marketplace. "Marketing your Web page is the key to benefitting from it," he advised. "Cross-link as much as possible to tap into the customer base of other sites." He recommended the Society's own page as one of the best to use for networking.

In the second Alert briefing, Aaron Davenport, Director of Research at Whittier Partners Group -- New England's largest commercial real estate services company, revealed how Whittier is taking full advantage of the Internet for retrieving and disseminating information, and for communicating both within their organization and with affiliates worldwide. He pointed out that newspaper Web sites are excellent but often overlooked tools for market research and business prospecting. Davenport gave members several resources for customizing a daily, automatic news search..

In the wrap-up member briefing, Phil McBride, President of Real Estate Computer Solutions in Denver, evaluated some of the latest software and hardware on the market in terms of usefulness for the Real Estate professional.

His "best advice" for using technology to make money is to harness contact management tools and to recognize the power of direct marketing by fax and by mail. "Be able to fax from your computer...and take advantage of office suites that include word processing, spreadsheets and presentations tools," he said. McBride listed PIM's (personal information managers) among his favorite software products and counseled members on the use of state-of-the-art equipment such as desktop scanners to boost their productivity.

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Information regarding the full interviews and membership is available at Society Headquarters at 888 344-0027.

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