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For Immediate Release June 1998

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Releases CyberAlert Briefings With Roberts, Booth And Forbes

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John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society released key excerpts today from the latest issue of the Society�s bimonthly audio/print member briefing, Real Estate Cyberspace Alert. In three taped interviews with Ralph Roberts, Nathan Booth and Stewart Forbes, members received a thorough orientation on how to leverage their productivity and expand their reach through the effective use of high-tech tools and strategies.

In the lead briefing, Ralph Roberts, a real estate pro who sold 587 homes last year and the number one Residential Real Estate agent in North America according to Time Magazine, confided that a major element in his high-volume success is his dedication to technology. He advised Realtors to �use all the tools that are available and get them before your competition.� Roberts identified the tools he personally uses to make every minute productive, including an unusual use of the Internet to engage potential clients. Roberts is doing four to five transactions per month right from the Web. However, he cautions Realtors that some clients will be intimidated by high-tech approaches and shares ways to adjust the use of technology to the client�s comfort level.

The second Alert briefing presented Dr. Nathan Booth, International Director at Infinity Realty and reporter for the nationally televised TV series �Real Estate Digest.� He explained how his �Six-T Policy� should be applied by every industry pro to whatever new technology comes out so that it can boost your bottom line by increasing your market share or by saving expenses. In one rapid-fire sequence, Booth itemized 33 replacement tasks he now accomplishes via his laptop. He proves that agents anywhere have the capability to help clients worldwide. �Everyone in the industry should think globally and then make the choice to use global information to work locally or to become an international specialist.� His essential advice to Realtors is to �overcome the fear.� Technology is giving Realtors new opportunities and the ability to adapt to the revolutionary change that now characterizes the industry.

In the wrap-up member briefing, the President of Colliers International Consultants, Stewart Forbes, examines the role of technology in the increasingly global market place. He relates how Colliers uses communications technology, especially E-mail and the Web, to integrate the strengths of its 4,000+ professionals. Forbes finds a related trend in the industry particularly exciting. �One of the tremendous things about technology is people�s willingness to share and to help each other out that crosses even firms that are competitors�.To make yourself valuable to your clients, it is better to position yourself to interact with people who will help you learn than to try to hang onto proprietary knowledge.� Though dedicated to Colliers as a global organization, Forbes indicates why bigger is not always better. In his opinion, there appears to be room for a flat organization that competes via technology.

The goal of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is to provide information on Real Estate technology issues and strategies, a common meeting ground for professionals from all aspects of the industry and tools and services to leverage their effectiveness in Cyberspace. Peckham invited the Real Estate community and the public to visit and use the Society�s virtual office at

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides Real Estate Cyberspace strategies and services for it's members. The Society's World Office is open 24 hours a day at Stone age creatures can obtain Society membership information at 617-523-4441.

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