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For Immediate Release December 2000

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Releases Briefings On The Latest In Transaction Related Internet Tools

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John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society released excerpts today from the Society's December audio/print member briefing, Real Estate CyberSpace Alert. In three taped interviews with Stefan Swanepoel, Blanche Evans, and Jack Peckham and Bob George jointly, the Society explores the status and direction of real estate transaction-related cybertools. All parties agree on the preeminence of the Internet in the industry's future.

In the lead interview, Stefan Swanepoel, Chairman of and President of 9keys, enlightens members on one of the hot topics in the industry-transaction management. "The transaction management system is not trying to change the existing process," Swanepoel asserts. "It's just the automation of that process�. The ultimate goal is to get the elements of the real estate transaction to work in harmony, like a symphony." He explains how iProperty works in the best interest of the consumer but also in support of the agent at the heart of the information flow. In giving real estate practitioners practical advice for benefiting from the changes taking place, he identifies the next "killer application" for real estate, clarifies the status of digital signatures and shares his favorite sources for e-transaction software on the Web. According to Swanepoel, "The Internet has become the glue to help us keep all the pieces of the transaction together."

In the second Alert interview, Blanche Evans, from her vantage point as editor of Realty Times and author of The Hottest E-Careers in Real Estate, analyzes the significant trend she finds in real estate -- migration to the Internet. She sees a new business model emerging that shifts from a Business-to-Consumer to a Business-to-Business focus, a change that holds advantages for agents beyond the traditional proprietary systems that MLS organizations have used in the past. Evans relates some of the leading issues facing the industry, such as broker reciprocity and transaction management, to the trend. She warns agents that "they must use the Internet whether they like it or not because eventually all of the services will be put on platforms that will be managed in a Web-based environment." She gives tips on getting technologically trained and on finding the niches that will be best supported by the Internet.

In the wrap-up member briefing, publisher and Charter Society Member Bob George turns the tables on Alert host and Society Executive Director Jack Peckham in a reverse interview. Peckham emphasizes that the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is dedicated to serving members across all real estate specialties. "We don't try to overlap what any other organization is doing-we don't teach the basics of selling, or appraising, etc. We provide strategies for empowering the basics to work even more effectively and profitably in CyberSpace." He sees the Society as unique in its use of both online and offline strategies to deliver member benefits and in its emphasis on providing personal support to members. Peckham outlines the full range of Society tools and services-all available to members at no additional charge-including a powerful full featured Personal Web Site. He also explains how the Society has been a pioneer in technology training and contrasts the Society's RECS designation with NAR's e-PRO. Looking to the future, Peckham assures members that the Society will continue "to provide members with the tools not only to survive the Cyber revolution, but to prosper by staying way ahead of the competition."

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society provides its 3000 members in 80 Chapters with information on real estate technology issues and strategies and a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 70 similar interviews are broadcast at the Society's "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": He invited the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a wide selection of audio briefings there.

Information regarding the full interviews in the December release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441, at or by e-mail at

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