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For Immediate Release October 2000

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Releases Briefings On New Strategies For Delivering Real Estate Services

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John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society released excerpts today from the Society's October audio/print member briefing, Real Estate CyberSpace Alert. In three taped interviews, Nick Karris, Jerry Anderson and Scott Kucirek-three innovative real estate professionals from various specialties tell Society members how to take a high-tech approach to old-fashioned good service.

The lead interview is with Nick Karris, Senior Analyst who directs research and consulting efforts in the Internet real estate and Internet mortgage sectors for Gomez Advisors. "Consumers want the whole story, complete information disclosure when they come online," Karris emphasizes. He proceeds to explain some key differences between offline and online real estate experiences that send an increasing number of potential buyers and sellers onto the Web, and he confides how the top-rated sites are capitalizing on people's expectations. Karris says that a new business model has emerged for real estate, a model in which "the entire real estate team must cooperate to leverage technology and human interaction where appropriate." He looks at where that model will take the industry over the next three to five years and identifies a golden opportunity for savvy players.

In the second Alert interview, Jerry Anderson, President of Coldwell Banker Commercial, encourages Realtors in general and Commercial Realtors in particular to embrace Internet technology. "Traditionally, Commercial Realtors have closely guarded their information, but passive information doesn't serve anyone," Anderson declares. He goes on to explain how technology makes information work dynamically for both Realtors and clients. Anderson advises Realtors to "wrap your business model for providing service around the tool [of Internet technology]�. You'd better realize that your clients no longer need you for just information." Toward that end of providing service, he offers tips for a good commercial web site and for making effective use of other sites. His vision of real estate in the future is one in which relationships with prospects, clients and fellow professionals will be increasingly important and increasingly built and maintained through Internet connectivity.

In the wrap-up member briefing, Scott Kucirek, President of zipRealty, lays out zip Realty's concept which he proclaims to be a combination the best of the traditional process with cutting-edge Internet technology. "In the future, people are going to do most of the transaction online�.We leaped ahead and started [online]," he says. Kucirek outlines the experience both buyers and sellers have in dealing with zipRealty's team of online agents and field service agents. According to Kucirek the company's new way of doing business not only meets the needs of its clients, it is also ties in compatibly with the work of traditional Realtors. Kucirek describes zipRealty as strongly pro-agent, working smoothly with professionals outside the company. In looking to the future, Kucirek envisions something of a shakeout in the industry, and he shares his view of who will survive.

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society provides its 3000 members in 80 Chapters with information on real estate technology issues and strategies and a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 70 similar interviews are broadcast at the Society's "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": He invited the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a wide selection of audio briefings there.

Information regarding the full interviews in the October release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441, at or by e-mail at

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