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For Immediate Release October 1998

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Releases Briefing On Enhancing Your Internet Business

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John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society released excerpts today from the Society's October audio/print member briefing, REAL ESTATE CYBERSPACE ALERT. The three taped interviews with Gregg Larson, Louis Cohen and Chuck Aikens share a common focus on how members can make the most of their Internet presence.

The lead briefing featuring Gregg Larson, President and Senior Partner of highly respected Clareity Consulting, zeros in on one of the key business issues for brokers and MLS's: where to place listings. While explaining the "national web war for property listings" and detailing the relative strengths of the two major combatants, and Microsoft, he also recommends additional resources available to Realtors on both the national and local levels that are often overlooked. Larson believes that Realtors who stay abreast of evolving technology differentiate themselves from the crowd, get more leads and close more deals. "You've heard the expression 'moving on Internet time.' Every three months is a year compared to traditional business in the way you can unroll new products and new ideas, and the way you can communicate. Everything is exponentially quicker." Larson identified for members the next great technology that will benefit Realtors greatly.

In the second Alert briefing, the List King, Louis Cohen, President of Beach Realty of Brevard, shares his strategies for compiling and utilizing one of the most comprehensive lists of Real Estate professionals around. He gives specific tips for recruiting your own list entries, and in what he describes as "good business practice," makes his own list available to fellow-Realtors free. According to Cohen, the real key to success with a list is managing it effectively. "With a well-organized list, you can customize groups to receive very particular and personal messages." He identifies software that combines database management with mail merge capability to meet any Realtor's needs.

In the wrap-up member briefing, Chuck Aikens, co-founder of the innovative Imark Design Group, explains why his company offers its highly acclaimed Mortgage 101 site as a free, personalized enhancement for your individual Realtor web site. "What we're really trying to do here is build the groundwork between the Real Estate community and the mortgage community�.We want to bring the real world relationship to the Internet." The result, Aikens observes, is better service through teamwork. "Because the consumer gets a better feeling, both the mortgage lender and the Realtor are going to have a higher close rate on Internet leads." Aikens view of the automated future involves the entire mortgage process and impacts both the Residential and Commercial sides of the industry.

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society provides its members with information on Real Estate technology issues and strategies, and a common meeting ground for professionals from all Real Estate specialties. Peckham invites the Real Estate community and the public to visit and use the Society's virtual office at where CyberMaster details and contact information can be accessed.

Information regarding the full interviews in the October release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert and membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441 or by E-mail at

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides briefings on real estate connectivity strategies, a networking platform, and cybertools for professionals from all aspects of the industry. The Society invites real estate professionals and the public to visit and use the Society�s resources at .

Information regarding membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is available from Society headquarters at 617-523-4441.

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