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For Immediate Release October 1998

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Honors WebSound As A Society Gold Product

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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society today announced that CEProductions has been selected as a Society Gold Vendor. According to John M. Peckham III, Executive Director "CEProductions and it's division Websound is a unique Internet service, providing professionally produced web-based voice commercials for real estate professionals operating in CyberSpace."

Peckham said that a CEProductions/Websound on line booth is now open at the Society's On-Line Expo located at The Society's recommendations and other information appear at the booth along with a special Society offer.

Charles A. Englund, chief operator of CEProductions described Websound as "a new way to add the human touch of voice and music to current and future Web sites. Englund compared voice-enhanced Web sites to a television commercial reaching millions of potential viewers, utilizing sight AND sound to reach viewers in a more personal way. He notes that Websound links to a real estate company already using this concept in a successful way.

Similar to doing a local TV or radio commercial, CEProductions works directly with the client to determine their exact needs, then prepares a script for production. The raw script is then refined. Upon final copy approval, the script is then professionally produced in a digital recording studio, using commercial voice talent and royalty-free music . The completed commercial is then encoded into a RealMedia file, and distributed to the client for use it it's web Site. The webmaster simply integrates the audio file into the front end of the Web site, and links to a "streaming audio" server. From there, visitors simply click on a "Listen Here" type icon ..then listen to a 30 second professionally voiced and produced "commercial". Englund adds that the beauty of the concept is that the message can be changed easily and periodically to keep it new and fresh.

Englund has a long history of commercial voice work, including such clients as Coca-Cola, Georgia Federal Savings and Loan, Hyatt-Regency New Orleans, and others.

Society members are being offered a special discount for this new voice service for their place on the World Wide Web. Englund said "we believe the Real Estate Industry has a definite place on the Internet, and we're proud of our Real Estate Cyberspace Society Gold Vendor Award and our new booth at the Society's On-Line Expo".

More information is available at the WebSound site, which links to a real estate company successfully using this concept. Further information may obtained at or 941-358-1319.

The CEProductions/Websound booth at the Real Estate CyberSpace Society's On-Line Expo can be visited at

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides briefings on real estate connectivity strategies, a networking platform, and cybertools for professionals from all aspects of the industry. The Society invites real estate professionals and the public to visit and use the Society�s resources at

Information regarding membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is available from Society headquarters at 617-523-4441.

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
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