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For Immediate Release March 1998

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Designation Seminars Scheduled in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Indiana,Seattle and Milwaukee

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Charter RECS Designations to be awarded

The�one day Real Estate Cyberspace Society Seminar "SELLING REAL ESTATE IN CYBERSPACE" has been scheduled in Philadelphia, Boston, Milwaukee, Chicago, Orlando, Indiana, and Seattle.

The one day Seminar features John M Peckham III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society.� Attendees will qualify for the RECS (Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist) professional designation.

Peckham stated that the day is dedicated to helping attendees with tips, tricks, hints and secrets to help them use the exciting�Cyberspace developments that are affecting all real estate professionals.

Scheduled cities and contact information follows:

Philadelphia, PA April 1 PA/DE/NJ CCIM 717-273-3774
Boston, MA April 9 New England R.E. Journal 800-725-6272
Chicago, IL April 17 Illinois CCIM 630-369-2406
Marlborough, MA May 5 Mass. Mortgage Assn. 781- 246-0601
Orlando, FL June 4-5 Prudential Florida Private Session
Indianapolis, IN June 17 Three Point EdVantage 317-631-5013
Seattle, WA Sept 16 Washington State CCIM 425-820-3348
Milwaukee, WI Oct. 21 Wisconsin CCIM 414-271-2021

The Society is also in the process of arranging Designation Seminars in the following cities: Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Las Vegas. Other locations will be announced as arrangements are finalized.

Seminar attenees will learn:

  • How to get started in Cyberspace NOW.
  • How to set up their own custom CYBER MARKETING PLAN.
  • How to get incredible - almost instantaneous RESPONSES.
  • How to master the SELLING POWER OF E-MAIL.
  • How to promote themselves and their products-quickly and INEXPENSIVELY.
  • How to build a CYBERSPACE CLIENTELE.

Peckham explained� that the RECS (Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist) Designation informs clients and colleagues of� a Designee's proficiency in serving the public with recognized skills for utilizing Cyberspace programs to effectively apply technology and networking systems in marketing real estate. Attendees at the scheduled seminars will qualify for the RECS professional designation.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides Real Estate Cyberspace strategies and services for it's members. The Society's World Office is open 24 hours a day at Stone age creatures can obtain Society membership information at 617-523-4441.

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736