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For Immediate Release April 1998

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Briefs On Techno-Productivity Sweep

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John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society announced today the release of three brand new briefings with top marketing technocrats in the latest issue of the Society�s bi-monthly Real Estate Cyberspace Alert. The message Cathy DuPre and Gary Anderson have in common: ALL Real Estate professionals � even technical novices � can be swept into increased productivity in the world of Cyberspace.

An expert in maximizing online results, Cathy DuPre, publisher of Internet InfoScavenger, leads off by giving Realtors a view of Web site features from the perspective of the buying and selling public. Her list of Do�s and Don'ts can spare RE pros costly errors and help them get the most benefit from their own Web page. Her timely advice includes "How to Direct Your Site to Your Market," "How to Make Your Page Accessible and Rewarding to Visitors" and "How to Take Advantage of Web Technology."

In the second Alert interview, the Chief of Technology & Development for Internet Media Works!, Gary Anderson, declares that "e-mail is the first thing you should get involved in because communicating is critical for realizing business on the Internet." He gives a thorough grounding in e-mail management from identification of the best e-mail programs to specific techniques for building RE business. One significant but seldom discussed topic is "nettiquette" for making the best impression possible online. Anderson also takes a look at what�s on the technology horizon to improve how you do your business.

The goal of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is to provide information on Real Estate technology issues and strategies, and a common meeting ground for professionals from all aspects of the industry. Peckham invites the Real Estate community and the public to visit and use the Society�s virtual office at

Information regarding the full interviews in The Real Estate Cyberspace Alert and membership in the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-523-4441.

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