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For Immediate Release April 1997

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Briefing Releases 3 Society CyberMaster's Views of Cyberfuture

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Bud Smith, Mike Barnett and Dennis DeAndre Featured

John M. Peckham III, Executive Director, The Real Estate Cybersapce Society released excerpts from the Society's bi-monthly "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert " member briefing today.

In three taped interviews with Amond "Bud 'Smith, Mike Barnett, and Dennis DeAndre Society members received a well informed view of current Real Estate Cyberspace strategies and predicted future trends.

In the lead interview with Bud Smith, Executive Vice President of the 720,000 member National Association of Realtors (NAR), Smith acknowledged his long weary battle putting the Realtors Information Network (RIN) debacle to bed and compared it some of his personal hair raising hangliding and bronco busting escapades. Smith, who retires as CEO of NAR later this spring, also predicts that " There is still a Lion coming over the hill" and warned real estate professionals that constant vigilance and staying up to the minute in the application of technology and connectivity strategies is critical their present and future profitability.

In the second "Alert" interview, Mike Barnett, national Cybersapce trainer and President of Barnett Technology Group, emphasized the importance of E-mail in marketing real estate and provided several sources of free "lifetime" e-E-mail addresses (, for example). Barnett explained the advantages of not having to reprint cards, stationary and other promotional materials every time a real estate pro changes on line service providers.

In the wrap up member briefing Dennis DeAndre, Founder and CEO of Loopnet, the giant Web presence for Commercial-Investment resources, pointed out that there are 280,000 real estate professionals who specialize in the Commercial Investment real estate arena. and predicted that this historically non information sharing segment of the industry is now opening up because of the connectivity made possible by today's instant communications capabilities. "Real Estate is all about networking," he said, "and the Internet is the ultimate Networking tool. Watch for big power and productivity shifts as the technologically astute professionals begin to show their dust."

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society, provides Members and the public with information and briefings regarding real estate technology issues and strategies and invites the Real Estate Community and public to visit and use the Society's virtual office at

Information regarding the full interviews and membership is available at Society Headquarters at 888 344-0027.

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