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For Immediate Release February 1997

Real Estate Cyberspace Seminar At Federal Reserve Bank - Complete Details

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Proudly Presented by: the New England Real Estate Journal

One Day Only! One Day Only! One Day Only!


"Nothing is more certain than this---you must ride the Cyberspace steamroller, or become part of the road."

Real Estate Cyberspace Strategies

(This is not a Nerd course –it’s for Dummies like you and me!)

This is a practical down to earth training session which will prepare you to multiply your income by using the new Cyberspace tools available today. This is a real income booster seminar from a "doer" who has been involved in over a Billion dollars in Real Estate sales.

It is our intent to help you develop your individual or company strategy for harnessing the power of today’s Cyberspace tools. IN ONE DAY WE’LL GET YOU QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY INTO THE CYBERSPACE AGE!

In this one information filled day you will learn:

How to get started in Cyberspace NOW.
How to use the INTERNET to market your real estate.
How to get incredible – almost instantaneous responses.
How to get Sellers and buyers to come to you.
How to multiply your Selling Power in Your Local Market.
How to tap into a World Wide market from your desk.
How to exchange real estate in Cyberspace.
How to instantly locate the type of properties you want.
How to build a Cyberspace clientele.
How to stand out from the crowd in Cyberspace.
How to triple your sales power with insider CYBERSECRETS.
How to get inside information on investors and companies.
How to locate the lender or joint venture partner for your deal.
How to instantly use these practical money making tips.

And much much more in this information packed day!

Earn the coveted CINERD designation in one day. (suitable for framing)

FREE SOFTWARE for attendees


Real Estate Brokers and Sales Professionals Bankers and Mortgage Brokers Appraisers Real Estate Investors


Jack Peckham has been described by The Real Estate Intelligence Report and the Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal as "The template for future real estate brokers". His syndicated column "Selling in Cyberspace appears in the New England Real Estate Journal and other publications nationwide. He started using technology to sell investment property in 1963 when he founded Data Realty Corp. Since then he has sold over a BILLION dollars in real estate using technology. Jack has trained C&I real estate professionals in 44 States and several foreign countries. There is probably no one in the world more qualified to bring you into the Cyberspace age than Jack Peckham. Be sure to spend this exciting day with him—you will be glad you did and your bank balance will be too!

Proudly cosponsored by:

New England CCIM Chapter

Massachusetts Association of Realtors

Commercial Leasing and Investment Committee,

Greater Boston Real Estate Board

Wednesday October 9, 1996 Federal Reserve Bank, Boston Main Auditorium

Registration 9:00am Seminar 9:30am - 4:30pm (Dutch treat lunch noon - 1pm)

Registration: $125 includes the seminar 2 refreshment breaks (Dutch treat lunch) and all workshop materials including FREE SOFTWARE.

Special member discounts: Members of cosponsoring organizations (New England Chapter CCIM, Massachusetts Association Of Realtors, and the Greater Boston Real Estate Board) may register for $95 or $75 for early registration(by September 18th.

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736