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For Immediate Release December 2007

Real Estate CyberSpace Society and HIS Marketing & Media Create Television Show Alliance

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Boston, MA The Real Estate CyberSpace Society and HIS Marketing & Media, producers of the television show "Leading Real Estate Experts" announced an alliance that will bring the 10,000 Society members the opportunity to expand their market using their own custom show to air on their own local market television stations. Leading Real Estate Experts presents experts in their local markets with the power of 30 minute television talk shows.
According to Dan Ruzicka, CEO of HIS Marketing, the average cost for a half hour of TV is only $122. Leading Real Estate Experts features high quality 30 minute custom TV shows interviewing and highlighting real estate professionals. To insure the guest is seen in a first class "show" setting the interview format is taped with five (5) $375,000 cameras and a crew of 6 in a high definition 30 million dollar Sony/CBS studio. The format is designed to showcase the services and capabilities of a wide range of real estate professionals including brokers, agents, and mortgage lenders.

Real Estate Cyberspace Society Executive Director Jack Peckham said "This is a unique opportunity that will benefit many of our members. To our knowledge no one is providing this type of packaged video marketing on TV for the profession."

Leading Real Estate Experts President Dan Ruzicka explained that real estate professionals may also use the recorded show for web content, to pass out on DVD and to play in open houses - in addition to the television promotions. He said that "Real Estate pros are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd and nothing does this like a television appearance on a television real estate talk show."

The agreement alliance between the Real Estate CyberSpace Society and HIS Marketing & Media provides the Society’s members with full and immediate special access to the Leading Real Estate Experts presentation package. Information may be accessed here

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