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For Immediate Release March 2002

Real Estate CyberSpace Society Releases Briefings on Visionary Technology for Practicing Real Estate Now

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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society today released excerpts from the Society's April briefings on Real Estate CyberSpace Radio. In three interviews, Alice Held, Stefan Swanepoel and Roald Marth share their technological vision to prepare real estate professionals for doing real estate business in twenty-first century style.

In the lead briefing, CyberStar agent Alice Held makes clear that for her, the future is now. She is known for staying on the cutting edge of using technology and the Internet to leverage her productivity and increase her visibility. Though she is a residential relocation specialist, real estate practitioners in any area of the industry can apply her practical techniques. Alice covers such topics as the must-have tools for agents on the go, easy-effort techniques with WOW-power to impress the consumer and tips for boosting the effectiveness of a web site. She illustrates her advice with examples from her own practice, including her award-winning, business-generating web site. Although Alice is in the forefront of high-tech applications, she stresses that these are tools to use for an old-fashioned goal. She encourages listeners to stay focused on serving clients: "Caring and compassion are still paramount. . . . [The consumer] still needs and wants recognition and attention."

The second Alert interview is with Stefan Swanepoel, whose writing, speaking and business endeavors have been geared to identifying and meeting the challenges of the real estate/technology evolution. He acknowledges that the merger/acquisition mania over the last few years has created some stress in the industry, but he brings the Society a positive message. "The next big trends, which are sitting on the horizon, are. . . going to be good news. They are going to be a well-deserved and wonderful change." He elaborates particularly on how the convergence of the Internet and telecommunications will transform and simplify the way real estate business is conducted. Going beyond "e-business," Swanepoel not only identifies what lies ahead with "m-business" and "v-business," he also explains how real estate pros can begin taking advantage of these styles now. In harmony with Alice Held, he emphasizes that the most important factor for real estate success into the future is using technology to be efficient without sacrificing the courteous, personal touch.

In the wrap-up briefing, the Technology Evangelist, Roald Marth, focuses on mobility as the greatest technology change to benefit the real estate industry. According to Marth, what matters most to take advantage of that trend is being effective, not fancy. His core advice to Society members is to use technology "to do the basics better." He grounds his advice with specific tips for profitable Web marketing and specific recommendations of the most practical tech tools. "If you tie the right hardware with the right webware, you can start to work anywhere, anytime," he summarizes. Marth identifies the hardware tool that is his personal favorite and lists some of his favorite web sites for staying current. He recognizes the importance of the tech revolution being guided by industry insiders, so he challenges brokers and agents to integrate computers and the Internet into their daily business practices.

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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society, with membership in 25 countries, provides its 4,000 members in 100 Chapters with tools and services for maximizing their real estate professionalism and effectiveness, plus a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 90 similar interviews are broadcast at the Society's "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": The Society invites the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a wide selection of audio briefings there.

Information regarding the full interviews in this release of The Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-559-0000, at or by e-mail at

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