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For Immediate Release January 2010

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio/TV Releases Briefings on How to Prepare for the Real Estate Recovery

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio/TV (RECR) today released excerpts from their January briefings. In three interviews, John Tuccillo, Doug Devitre and Jay Lucas give RE pros insight on the best business building tools to use now and to prepare for the coming real estate rebound.

Top real estate economist John Tuccillo sets the stage by looking ahead for the real estate market. He evaluates the economy in general and tells how and when it is likely to affect the real estate sector for the better. Tuccillo points out that the recovery for the residential and the commercial sides will follow different patterns. He explains factors impacting real estate markets currently and projects what may happen out as far as 2012. Besides offering educated market projections, Tuccillo analyzes how technology has altered the way agents do their business from a practical standpoint. Over the last ten years, the technology tool kit of the average agent has changed dramatically. The more savvy users of real estate tech tools have gained an increasing share of their markets and correspondingly higher income. Tuccillo explains why it will be even more important going forward to keep up with advances as a new way of doing business emerges. "The next technology challenge," he emphasizes, "is learning to use social media as part of your business." Tuccillo believes that mastering this new tool is vital to building a real estate career in the future.

In the second interview, Doug Devitre, a self-proclaimed pioneer in social networking for real estate professionals, addresses the key factors in adopting a social media strategy for business including the issue of time. "In the very beginning of using social media, it's going to take some time…to get everything set up, but once you've spent that time, it's just a matter of maintaining what you already have," he assures listeners. Devitre explains why the initial tasks are so important and offers tips for accomplishing them in a way that allows real estate pros to integrate the use of more than one social networking venue. An agent's database is at the heart of social networking success. Devitre tells how to easily transfer the right contact information into social media systems and suggests a way to improve the acceptance rate from people you invite into your network. Naming his favorite social media sites for real estate, he explains how they can have a positive impact on conducting business. As an information bonus, Devitre shares several technology tools that enhance social networking efficiency.

In the third briefing, Jay Lucas, CEO of a Site To Do Business, wraps up with the latest and greatest tech tools for commercial agents and for all real estate pros. He presents STDBonline as a value for all real estate specialties. "The service has always had really good information that people can use in the residential or the commercial industry," he says. Lucas explains how the site levels the playing field for small practitioners to compete with major companies. The updated tools on the site make strong use of the latest GIS (geographic information system) technology, and Lucas tells listeners how to apply some of these products for a WOW impact on clients. He also introduces the CCIM REDEX (Real Estate Data Exchange) program, expected to be launched in March. Lucas closes by telling where he thinks technology is headed and how it can help agents be better professionals going forward.

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