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For Immediate Release October 2009

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on the Latest and Greatest Internet Marketing Strategies

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their October briefings. In three interviews, Pat Zaby, Sarah Milstein and Zahara Mossman share their best ideas for real estate professionals to tap the power of the Internet for marketing. All three agree on the growing importance of social media.

In the lead interview international speaker/trainer, Pat Zaby, provides an array of low-to-no-cost marketing tips that focus on resources available online. "Most agents are trying to cut expenses, Zaby explains, "but unfortunately, what they have a tendency to do sometimes is cut things that would actually drive business to them. Marketing drives business so you can’t give up on it totally." He recommends cost-effective marketing alternatives, including several tools from the National Association of REALTORS®. Zaby encourages agents to use their ingenuity to create their own Customer Appreciation Program (CAP). He defines that term and offers examples of possible benefits that have perceived value but cost no money. Both the CAP program and social networking tie into Zaby’s concept of "permission marketing," a sensible way to approach building relationships and staying in touch with people. According to Zaby, it is possible to make money from social networking if it is used properly and if RE professionals develop adequate Web follow-up. He also shares an innovative strategy for getting postcards out electronically and suggests places to find more marketing ideas and tips on efficient business practices.

In the second interview, Sarah Milstein, co-author of The Twitter Book, picks up on the social networking theme. She presents an overview of what Twitter is all about, why it is successful and how it is unique among social media sites. Concerning its marketing value for agents, she says, "When you post [the very short messages], they are public on the Web—anyone can see them….They can help you reach people you do not already know." Milstein outlines practical steps about how to build followers on Twitter as well as how to find people already on the site who are worth following. She emphasizes that it is important to make messages appealing, and she explains what kind of content meets that goal. Among the helpful tools she recommends are the Twitter Advanced Search page and a service that can coordinate postings on multiple social networking sites. The issue of "public vs. private information" leads Milstein to suggest that RE pros coordinate the use of Twitter with some other social network such as Facebook. She also cites a few typical mistakes with Twitter that can easily be avoided.

In the wrap-up briefing, international real estate specialist Zahara Mossman, speaks from personal experience about how social networking can lead to an expansion of business. She exclaims with enthusiasm, "It is an amazing tool to get the message directly to the consumer. In other words—direct marketing!" A strong proponent of using technology to work virtually, Mossman recognizes social networking as a natural extension of traditional marketing. She identifies her favorite social media sites for doing real estate, the special benefits of each, and how their use can be integrated. In discussing Facebook, for example, she explains the advantages of having a fan page in addition to a regular Facebook page. Plus, Mossman shares her strategy for reaching an exact market with social networks. Social networking advantages are numerous, but Mossman does highlight an important caveat that social networkers need to keep in mind.

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