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For Immediate Release December 2007

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on the Latest Online RE Marketing Products and Strategies

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio ( ) today released excerpts from their December briefings. In three interviews, Michael Russer, Steve Fells and Margot Weinstein introduce technology tools that residential and commercial practitioners can use to promote themselves and their properties.

In the lead interview, Michael Russer, known as Mr. Internet®, focuses on the important theme of how agents can differentiate themselves online. “The biggest mistake is to try to be everything to everybody,” Russer says. He reveals the simple but powerful secret for agents to make their services stand out from others. Part of his presentation deals with the cutting-edge use of video on web sites. Russer tells listeners how to generate a quality video product. His tips cover everything from content to production issues. He also suggests ways to generate website traffic and to engage visitors once they arrive. His quick fixes are easy to implement and completely free. Novice users of pay per click techniques tend to make a big mistake that Russer tells how to correct. Applying his advice can improve the quality of leads that agents get. The suggestions that Russer shares are taken from his powerful Online Dominance training program, which he explains in some detail and offers to Society members at a special discount.

The second interview, with AgencyLogic president Stephen Fells, makes the case for agents to use property-specific web sites. Although his company developed its single property site model as a listing tool, Fells explains how targeted sites address the needs of both sellers and buyers. According to him, “One of the benefits of having a web site dedicated to a single listing is that you keep both sides of the transaction happy.” As a Web 2.0 way of doing business, these sites can be used by agents to position themselves as technology savvy.”. Fells outlines how a single-property-web-site strategy works for marketing real estate and walks listeners through the process. He notes why it is important to begin building sites even before giving a listing presentation, what content can be included and how to incorporate interactive elements. Promoting single property web sites is just as important as creating them. Fells shares suggestions for getting the attention of real estate consumers. Although agents can develop single property web sites on their own, Fells points out the advantages of using a service provider such as AgencyLogic.

In the wrap-up briefing, real estate consultant Dr. Margot Weinstein focuses on strategies especially appropriate for commercial practitioners. One such strategy is special media effects utilizing new audio and video tools. Weinstein names her favorite tech tools for international telephone communication as well as for video production. She accepts doing business internationally as common practice, but she warns that care should be taken when crossing cultural lines—even with something as mundane as email. “Everything that you read in the ‘How To’ books about dealing with different cultures is especially important with email.” She gives an example of a nation that expects particular formality. Beyond email, she names other technologies that enable RE pros to reach new customers locally and worldwide. Always on the go herself, Weinstein offers agents some practical tips for creating an efficient, cost-effective mobile office.

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