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For Immediate Release December 2004

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Ways to Leverage Today's Real Estate Trends

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their December briefings. In three interviews, Walt McDonald, Nancy Michaels and Jim Sherry identify the direction in which the real estate industry is moving and advise real estate professionals how to best take advantage of those trends.

In the lead briefing, 2004 President of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Walt McDonald emphasizes that "[consumers] come more well informed today than they ever have in the past-and that's good for them and good for the REALTOR® community." Citing the dramatic advances in communications that began with the fax machine, he outlines how the real estate process has been expedited from 90 days to the potential for two weeks today - and will soon be down to a day or two. He challenges RE pros to use technology to full advantage, but he also cautions listeners about the risk that they must address. A key theme that McDonald develops is how the NAR supports industry practitioners through a variety of channels. One is the REALTOR® Secure program to help agencies and organizations deal with the growing problems of system security and consumer privacy. Another avenue is the actions NAR is taking to deal with the threatening landscape of legislation and regulation. President McDonald leaves no doubt that the NAR will remain an active advocate for REALTORS®, property owners and private property rights long into the future.

The second interview with prolific author and real estate marketing consultant Nancy Michaels focuses on ways for agents to build visibility through the Internet and email. The crux of her message is that "marketing is really about being top-of-mind, getting information to the right people and being in touch with them frequently." Michaels fleshes out her V-C-R marketing strategy-Visibility, Consistency and Repetition-with very specific and practical suggestions for agents, including the resources to help implement her ideas. She touches on such topics as how to get attention for email, how to build an email database and tips for an effective email program. She also gives listeners advice to drive traffic to their sites and hold visitors' attention. A pioneer in webcasting, Michaels tells who can best use this cutting-edge cyber tool and what alternatives there are for those who can't.

In the final briefing, real estate futurist, author and consultant Jim Sherry wraps things up with an exciting evaluation of today's and tomorrow's sales and marketing strategies. Jim identifies the three key trends that are driving the real estate industry today and links his recommendations to these trends. Sherry discusses what products and services are new in the industry and having impact. One important issue he covers is the so-called "solution" to avoid cold-calling that is growing in popularity but raises concern from his perspective. According to Sherry, "leads-for-sale represents a fundamental change in how business is being done.…It bears watching." Other hot topics on his agenda include CRM (customer relationship management) software and other new tools that Sherry predicts will become essential to real estate professionals.

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio is a public and member service of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society. With membership in 29 countries, the Society provides its 8,000+ members in more than 120 Chapters with tools and services for maximizing their real estate professionalism and effectiveness, plus a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. Peckham announced that over 120 similar interviews are broadcast at the Society's "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": The Society invites the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a current selection of briefings at RECR.

Information regarding the full interviews in this release of the Real Estate CyberSpace Alert or membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-559-0000, at or by e-mail at

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