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For Immediate Release April 2009

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Ways to Invigorate a Real Estate Marketing Plan

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their April briefings. In three interviews, Abe Murray, Al Clark and Mal Duane present creative approaches to marketing that can boost an agent's bottom line with the savvy use of technology tools.

In the lead interview, Abe Murray, product manager for Goggle Maps, introduces new ways for real estate professionals to bring customers in the door. Google has been reaching out broadly to data providers in US residential markets-not to compete with the real estate industry, but to better serve Google searchers and thereby benefit brokers and agents. According to Murray, "The company goal is always to get more information into [our index] and to let as many people see it as possible." Google mapping tools are an effective solution, and he lays out three specific ways that agents can take advantage of exposure on Google Maps. His tips include how to post listing information efficiently, both for Google Maps and primary Google searches. For those who prefer not to do-it-yourself, he recommends a free service available online. Other tips he shares cover how to benefit from the related mapping service Google Earth and how to set up a cost-effective advertising campaign using Adwords. Murray also mentions two new mapping features that excite real estate professionals-one that is shared by Google Maps and Google Earth, and one that is a brand new application on Google Maps for Mobile.

In the second interview, realPING founder Al Clark takes note of three trends in the real estate industry that are intertwined-a growing necessity to control costs, consolidation of brokerages, and broader use of technology. "With today's advances in technology, agents don't have to be behind a desk…. They're out in the car, out doing chores, out generating new business," he says. Clark describes a new model for brokers and gives an example of a company that is already applying it. A common problem faced by brokers and agents is a failure to get to leads fast enough. Competition in the current marketplace is stiffer than ever, but Clark cites technology as the solution for getting critical information to potential clients first. He uses the term "urgency marketing" to describe his methods. The click-to-talk services provided by realPING are a key component. Clark offers them at a substantial discount to listeners who are Society members. He outlines how realPING, including its unique Page Push feature, can benefit agents. Clark also issues a challenge to brokers and agents to change their attitude about working time in a way that could greatly expand their business opportunities.

In the wrap-up briefing, cyber broker-agent Mal Duane offers tips for boosting sales with "compound marketing." She explains, "We're creating new business off of past business. It's like putting money in the bank and getting interest on it." Duane not only defines her approach to marketing but also suggests how to implement it. At the core of her marketing plan is a product available for free to Real Estate CyberSpace Society members. Duane also tells how to leverage business from another Society membership benefit-discounted virtual tours from Real Estate Shows. Among other practical suggestions is a clever, low-cost program she uses to take advantage of consumers' concerns over mortgage-related issues. This program keeps her in touch with past clients, provides her with their endorsement and puts her in direct contact with their referrals. Throughout her presentation, Duane references the Internet sites that she accesses for no-cost or low-cost services to support her real estate marketing.

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