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For Immediate Release December 2006

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Unique Tech Ways to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their December briefings. In three interviews, Terri Morrison, Richard Beckman and Suzee Miller present unusual strategies that can give real estate professionals an edge over their competitors.

In the lead interview, Terri Morrison, president of Getting Through Customs and author of Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands, advises listeners on how to prepare themselves to go global. With international business and pleasure travel booming and with real estate business increasingly crossing international borders, the urgency grows for real estate professionals to get up-to-speed on how to do business anywhere in the world. "Agents spend considerable time, effort and money developing leads, but calling a person by the wrong last name or making some other blunder can sink a deal," Morrison points out. She offers concrete examples from her book and web site, which cover 60+ countries. Cultural differences clearly influence how clients behave and how they react to an agent's business practices-whether business with them is being conducted in the United States or abroad. The same comment or gesture or behavior may be interpreted quite differently by two clients of varying backgrounds, and possibly interpreted in a negative way. Morrison offers suggestions on how to recover from a faux pas, but she stresses that it is far better to prepare in advance and avoid unintentional missteps. She points listeners to the practical resources they need.

The second interview with cyber agent Richard Beckman illustrates the incredible things that happen when agents work the Internet effectively. His group gets 90% of its buyers via the Internet, but Beckman also uses the Internet creatively to entice sellers. He describes himself primarily as a sellers' agent, and he outlines the farming strategy he employs to attract business from his immediate area. Part of what he does depends on his own direct efforts, and part depends on his effective use of online tools. He names his favorite web resources and explains why they are valuable. Every real estate pro can benefit from Beckman's ultimate secret of success-how he goes about blending traditional and high-tech techniques. Beckman says, "I use the system over and over again, and it's worked quite well!"

In the wrap-up briefing, author, real estate broker and feng shui consultant Suzee Miller explains how the ancient Chinese principles for directing the flow of energy apply to practicing real estate in the contemporary world. According to Miller, "You only have one chance at a first impression. Feng shui can make that first impression count." The essence of feng shui is creating a balanced, harmonious environment that results in a positive, welcoming feeling. For agents, accomplishing that translates into improved property sales and improved responses to a business web site. Miller declares that more contract activity occurs in feng shui properties because buyers linger in them. Similarly, visitors stay longer on web sites that use space, color and symbol to feng-shui advantage. Miller makes suggestions for applying the principles to listings, to web sites and even to business cards. It is possible to talk to clients about the concepts without ever using the term "feng shui." For listeners interested in more detail, Miller recommends easy-to-use resources.

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