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For Immediate Release October 2006

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Innovative Strategies for Marketing Real Estate

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their October briefings. In three interviews, Kendra Todd, Bill French and Phyllis Staines discuss innovative strategies for boosting success in today's competitive real estate markets.

In the lead interview, real estate entrepreneur and national Trump Apprentice winner Kendra Todd describes her unique business model aimed at a nationwide niche of real estate buyers and investors. Any real estate professional can apply the strategies and techniques she uses to provide her clients with useful information and top-notch service. In talking about her company, Todd notes, "We feel strongly that people should be educated first and foremost before they take a step into a real estate market." She does the legwork and research that most people do not have time to do and then delivers it in easily accessible fashion as part of a full-service package. Her approach is the result of lessons learned from personal business experience-in and out of real estate. She shares key points from her recent book about how to profit from smart risk, including the insight that understanding risk and controlling one's fear of it are important to ultimate success. Todd mentions how she makes use of tech tools and web resources to improve her business.

The second interview with blogging expert Bill French is a primer on this cutting-edge technique that is gaining mainstream importance. Even large companies are noticing the success that individual bloggers have in making connections with people. According to French, "Companies have begun to understand that there are better ways to communicate with people, and even communicate at a more humanistic level. A blog delivers that capability." He begins with the basics of what blogs are, how they work and why they work. He moves on to explain the benefits that real estate agents may gain from blogging. Among the significant terms that French defines are "the long tail" and "the short tail." The comparison he draws between web sites and blog sites makes clear the powerful marketing advantages that blogs offer. French's company provides solutions to challenges of blogging such as generating adequate content. The company has collaborated with the Real Estate CyberSpace society to introduce a special blogging feature as a free service to Society members.

In the wrap-up briefing, Phyllis Staines, a high-tech, high-performing residential agent in Florida, explains how she maximizes her use of the Internet to develop leads, build relationships with clients and streamline the real estate process. The crux of her strategy is interacting directly with visitors to her web site through what she calls "cyberside chats." Following the success of her initial Sunday afternoon chat sessions, she has developed additional ways to benefit from the concept. Staines shares the resources she uses to produce these webinars as well as other features that engage her web visitors. Besides the technical side, she also discusses her clever ideas for promoting the chats and for building general visibility for herself and her properties. Staines emphasizes her core message: "Even with the market shifting, rates going up and gas prices soaring, there are still ways to generate business in real estate that are not expensive."

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio is a public and member service of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society. With membership in 29 countries, the Society provides its 9,000+ members in more than 120 Chapters with tools and services for maximizing their real estate professionalism and effectiveness, plus a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. The Society provides over 120 similar interviews at "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio": and invites the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a selection of briefings at RECR.

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