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For Immediate Release August 2008

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Business-Boosting Strategies for the Current Real Estate Market

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their August briefings. In three interviews, Rob Levy, Susan Sweeney and Roger Butcher present creative ways for real estate professionals to improve their bottom line in a difficult market.

In the lead interview, Rob Levy, super agent and co-founder of Real Pro Systems, links increased agent productivity to the connectivity possible through technology. According to Levy, real estate tech tools have improved over the last three years, and effective new ones have appeared. Levy identifies the hardware advances that can give real estate pros an advantage and explains the tech-based marketing strategies at the heart of his own real estate success. A pioneer in stealth marketing, he shares how he uses this clever approach to attract a high volume of buyer and seller leads from the Internet. He directs listeners to the products available from Real Pro Systems that are based on what Levy has personally found to work in the marketplace. These include a system to support stealth marketing and lead conversion as well as a new product that puts the agent’s name in front of past clients and their friends and family over a sustained period of time. Looking to the future, Levy notes: “This current market is slow for a lot of people…. I really believe that adopting technology now…will let you leapfrog to the next level when the market turns around.”

In the second interview, international Internet productivity trainer and author Susan Sweeney advises agents how to maximize the benefit they gain from their marketing efforts. She begins with practical tips for a good web site, covering everything from content to features and good design. “When consumers are looking for a real estate agent, …they are going to visit at least three real estate web sites,” says Sweeney. She concludes that it is vital for an agent’s site to be technologically competitive. Two of the technical features she explains are an expanded use of autoresponders and interactive mapping specific to real estate. Promoting a web site is also key, and Sweeney suggests two very different approaches to attracting website visitors—pay per click advertising and viral marketing. E-mail communication, which she defines as “permission marketing,” should follow the guidelines she presents, including the proper structure for a signature file.

In the wrap-up briefing, national trainer and short-sale specialist Roger Butcher coaches real estate pros on how to turn the national foreclosure crisis into an opportunity while also helping distressed homeowners. He estimates that there will be another seven million potential foreclosures over the next two-to-three years. “We’ve got to get thousands of trained salespeople in the field that understand the foreclosure process and are trained to be able to meet with homeowners and explain to them what their options are so that they can avoid foreclosure,” comments Butcher in a nutshell. He describes the basics of short sales and the foreclosure process and gives an overview of the services for short sales and alternative solutions that knowledgeable agents can provide. Butcher elaborates on the training and support, much of it at no charge, available from his company, Short Sales Express.

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