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For Immediate Release September 2003

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings on Best and Worst Real Estate Web Tools and Strategies

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Will offer test access to Commercial - Investment agents without cost.

In a corporate move to further enhance its support for commercial-investment professionals, The Real Estate CyberSpace Society headquartered in Boston, has acquired the Hinesville, GA based Sikes Database Systems.

According to Society Executive Director, John M. Peckham, the acquisition now allows the Society to offer the Sikes developed "RealBuyer" database of over 7,000 institutional and investment property buyers to its 4000 members and to other C&I professions in an enhanced web based system and at a greatly reduced cost from the original version. During the introduction of the new service the Society is offering test access to Commercial - Investment agents without cost from a special access search box at:

Peckham explained that the Real Buyer Direct is a searchable national database of over 7000 institutional and investment property buyers including their detailed investment criteria which are updated weekly. Each lead provides the appropriate contact person, address, phone and fax number (in many cases e-mail contact information), type of property sought, preferred investment size, geographical preference, minimum square footage (if applicable) and minimum number of units (if applicable). In most cases notes pertaining to the company and containing valuable information relative to acquisition desires and plans are included.

The Society has dubbed the new system "RealBuyer Direct" which according to Peckham is "not only a massive compilation of the nation's leading buyers of Commercial and Investment Real Estate and businesses, but also an intricately designed system allowing the subscriber to locate, through a simple on-line search box, just the right buyers for any type of non residential property being sold."

Clay Sikes, the original developer of the RealBuyer database program explained that he is pleased with the sale to the Society. "Advancing technology continues to provide tools for extraordinary achievement in specific fields. For those who recognize this 'Information Age' phenomenon, RealBuyer Direct offers an affordable, easy to use weapon in the arsenal of any commercial, or aspiring commercial real estate broker or sales agent - technology so affordable and powerful that those who use it cannot afford to operate without it!" He concluded by explaining that the database has been over 4 years in development and that he will remain involved with the Society in the development and marketing of the new web based product.

Peckham added "There are hundreds - even thousands of buyers' preferences in the RealBuyer Direct system for each of the "regular" type investments - multifamily, retail, and industrial plus land in many categories - all searchable by size and location. And the criteria are in the buyers' words describing their specific needs! Plus there are multiple buyers for hundreds of special category properties - no matter how obscure that type is!" He asks, "Got a listing on a correctional facility-Shazam- multiple buyers with contact information including web sites! How about a golf driving range? A loan company - a hospital - a hotel (17 types to pick from - or pick them all) - raw land (43 categories) - a race track - a resort or recreational property - RV parks - a theatre - timberland." According to Peckham there are over two hundred unique property category preferences to choose from.

Peckham concluded by stating that "for years hundreds of commercial specialists paid an annual fee of $995 to use this powerful sales tool. Now, during this limited time charter subscriber period, full 12-month on-line unlimited access to Real Buyer Direct is being offered for only $195 with a significant discount to Society members.."

Information regarding subscriptions to RealBuyer Direct is available at: or by calling the Real Estate CyberSpace Society at 617-523-4441.

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736