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For Immediate Release July 2009

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio Releases Briefings Showing

How Real Estate Pros Can Take Advantage of Social Media

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their July briefings. In three interviews, Sara Bonert, Jim Kimmons and Jeff Turner present their respective favorite tools and services for productivity. They all emphasize a shared perspective—that by using social media effectively, real estate professionals can generate more business.

In the lead interview, Sara Bonert, director of broker services for, counsels listeners on ways to benefit from the popular Zillow web site. Her tips include answers to give consumers for their questions about Zillow Zestimates® as well as how to be found on Zillow searches and be recognized as a real estate authority. She explains how the new Zillow iPhone application, which layers comprehensive property information over GPS capability, keys into the trend toward mobile marketing. Bonert’s specialty is helping real estate professionals market themselves online. She sees the rising trend of social networking as an area with great potential for broadening contacts and developing relationships. She tells agents, “In general, I really feel that any efforts that you put into social media are going to pay off for you.â€� However, she cautions that being successful with social media requires forethought, and she lays out the steps for agents to follow in getting started in the right direction. Bonert also shares her favorite resources for learning about online marketing and technology tools and gives examples of successful real estate blogs.

In the second interview, Jim Kimmons, who serves as the Real Estate Guide at, concentrates on helpful real estate tools and strategies that are available at little or no cost. An active agent himself, Kimmons looks for ways to do his job better, faster, easier and cheaper. His list of recommended tools and services has passed his own tests for being practical and effective. For example, he names two specific cell phone tools that have improved his mobility and recommends several other high-efficiency tools he uses. When asked to identify the most effective lead generator for agents, Kimmons replies without hesitation, “I’m really biased on this one. If it’s not already the best, it’s going to be!� He refers to business and social networking and blogging. Kimmons explains how he has redesigned his own web site using a blog format to take advantage of the social media trend. He comments on his connections to three of the leading social media sites in particular. Kimmons also offers advice on a pay per click strategy to increase web site traffic and gives tips to improve drip e-mail.


In the wrap-up briefing, Jeff Turner, the web marketing innovator who is president of, sums up the significance of the social media phenomenon for real estate professionals. “The hallmark of social media is the notion that you can transform what previously in the marketing and media environment was a monologue…to a dialogue,� he says. He reviews a definition of “social media� and explains how the concept is a natural tool for agents to convey their knowledge and expertise and to build relationships necessary for real estate success. Turner addresses the risk of spending too much time on social networking and gives some practical tips for using social networking tools. Besides citing the advantages of having a social media strategy, he also outlines the dangers of failing to use social media in today’s online world. Turner also reminds listeners of how—in partnership with the Real Estate CyberSpace Society—offers agents an outstanding marketing value.

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio is a public and member service of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society. With membership in 29 countries, the Society provides its 10,000+ members in more than 120 Chapters with tools and services for maximizing their real estate professionalism and effectiveness, plus a networking connection for professionals from all real estate specialties. The Society provides over 120 similar interviews at "Real Estate CyberSpace Radio" and invites the real estate community and the public to visit and listen to a selection of briefings at RECR.

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