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For Immediate Release April 2010

Real Estate

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Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) today released excerpts from their April briefings. In three interviews, Wallace Wang, Suzee Miller and Andy Burnett present innovative tools and strategies that savvy real estate professionals can use for a competitive business advantage.

In the lead interview, technology author Wallace Wang focuses on using the iPhone to break real estate barriers. Much of what he shares can be applied to other kinds of smart phones, but Wang clearly favors the Apple product, which is capable of replacing several instruments. Among other benefits, he points out that "pulling out an iPhone adds to your professional appeal as a person who's on top of the leading-edge technology." Wang's presentation is loaded with productivity tips for getting the most from his favorite tech tool. For example, he outlines a built-in feature and some of the free iPhone apps that can make the job of real estate agents easier. Wang offers practical suggests for incorporating these tools into the daily work routine. Thousands of apps can be purchased for an iPhone, but Wang cites four unusual ones that are relevant to doing real estate business. Of more general interest, he recommends a subscription service that can add a valuable layer of protection from loss of the phone and the data on it, and he suggests several accessories that solve the primary weakness of the iPhone—the limited battery life. Wang also draws a helpful comparison between the iPhone and the iPad for those listeners who may want to use both or choose between them.

In the second interview, Suzee Miller, author-trainer and expert in Feng Shui, shares her secrets on using this discipline both for marketing properties and for empowering listeners business and personal life. Miller's professional experience shows that applying feng shui principles to real estate activities has a multiplier effect on business earnings. She begins with a basic description of feng shui and moves on to explain how it can have a favorable impact on personal wellbeing and business effectiveness. She lists a whole series of tips. Something as simple as shifting the location of your desk or changing your office décor can enhance positive energy in your environment. Her tips are also intended to reduce stress in your office and your home. Miller's feng shui energy blueprint is a guide for staging a property inside and outside to attract buyer activity and promote contracts. On a smaller scale, the blueprint can be enlisted to maximize the visual effectiveness of a web site. Miller suggests additional resources to learn about feng shui and to obtain individualized reports on listeners own power directions.

In the third briefing, Sperry Van Ness (SVN) investment advisor Andy Burnett provides tech tips for commercial pros and other agents who want to do some commercial business. He is already practicing much of what Wallace Wang recommends. "Everything we [Sperry Van Ness] do is Web based, so when we get a listing for a property, we build a web site specific to the property Burnett says that. SVN is a pioneer in the use of "cloud computing" and the development of a "Listing Link" to market properties online—both of which support Burnett in the field. He explains how these and other key tools enable him to make his smart phone his "office in a pocket." Burnett compares commercial vs. residential use of technology. He shares his thoughts on what technological improvements are most needed and what the next tech breakthrough for the commercial side will be. Listeners will find his recommendations of smart phone apps for real estate and his favorite places on the Web to be helpful.

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