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For Immediate Release April 1997 --- Your Real estate Virtual Desktop on the Internet

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate Cyberspace Society

(Reprint of Introduction to: "Internet Guide for Real Estate Professionals v5.0" National Association of Realtors)

If you're like most of the Real Estate Professionals I talk to, you're probably wondering how you can use these new "Cyber Tools" to make more time...and stay ahead of the competition.

The problem: There's so much information, and so many contacts out there, it's often hard to sort through it all. It's hard to find the best Cyber sources for selling, financing, and acquiring Real Estate.

It's also difficult to determine which technologies will help you make money and which will waste your time (and money). Because Cyberspace is the most powerful form of networking in the world, and Real Estate is all about networking, The Real Estate Cyberspace Society has developed tools and simple systems to help members cut through the techie computer jargon and get down to the business of making money in Real Estate.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society (we call it "The Society") is dedicated to helping members profit from the latest and best Real Estate Cyberspace strategies, tactics, tools, sites and services. Society members receive 11 services, including our widely acclaimed bi-monthly Cyber briefings "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert"(a combination of audiocassettes and newsletters), all designed to improve members' service and professionalism and to multiply their profitability.

When I started Data Realty 34 years ago, we used the old IBM punch cards (do you remember those?) to quickly match our listings with our buyers. So while our competitors were bogged down searching through their index cards, we were out there making deals!

That early experience got me hooked! From then on I made sure I stayed on top of the latest technology. Today this involves everything from using next- to-no-cost E-mail for mass promotions, to setting up a 24-hour "Virtual Storefront" that gets dozens of buyers and sellers to contact me every week, no matter where I am or what I'm doing -- (even when I'm sleeping!).

During my career in Real Estate I have sold over one billion dollars worth of property using technology to leverage my competitive advantage. During that time I have also had the privilege of Chairing many major committees of our 730,000 member National Association of Realtors®, including its "think tank" Strategic Planning Committee and several of NAR's Technology Committees.

Using technology along with my active involvement in these NAR activities, has allowed me to gain some very exciting insights and as a result, I have trained tens of thousands of Real Estate professionals to use technology to market their products.

The punch cards are "history" now, but the message is clear. The change we are presently experiencing every few months now is as great as a decade of change in the past.

So staying up-to-date today is more important than ever -- there is so much information out there, so many contacts to be made -- AND there are more opportunities than ever before. BUT -- it's all happening very fast!

That's both good and bad news. The bad news is things are changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up. The good news is -- Those of us who stay on the cutting edge will leave the others far behind. Many of us recognize that with change comes opportunity!

Because I have profited so immensely using Real Estate Cyberspace tools, I've learned to identify the Cyber tools and strategies that work in our Real Estate industry (and the ones that don't)!

Through my seminars and newspaper columns, I've helped Real Estate professionals harness the power of the Internet and other Cyberspace tools. And the unsurprising conclusion is that the object of the "preaching" is now more powerful and effective than any single seminar, magazine or book. The Internet and Cyberspace are simply changing the way we do business. That's why Gil Woods, 1995 NAR President said, "Get on the Real Estate Cyberspace Steamroller--- or become a part of the Road!".

With this in mind the Society set out to create a World Wide Office on the Internet that not only sets forth our Vision and Services, but provides visitors with a Virtual Desktop to help them navigate in Real Estate Cyberspace.

Here's a navigational guide to just a few of the handy Real Estate helpers you will find at RECYBER.COM:

This unique section of provides "Virtual Desktop" capabilities so real estate pros online can run the 12 top requested Real Estate functions directly from their screen from the icons on the Society's desktop. We call this the "Cybertools" section.

Many of our members use the Cybertools section of the Society page as their desktop whenever they are on line. From the desktop you can icon click directly to helpful daily chores such as: 1. finding anyone's E-mail address,
2. locating anyone's phone number and address,
3. getting specific leads for the mortgage loan needed to close a deal,
4. drawing a map or getting directions for anyplace,
5. searching for either Commercial Investment properties or single family homes for sale,
6. locating dozens of real estate E-mail lists and Groups
7. or even reading the morning real estate news.

----and this is all without leaving the desktop. What also makes this section unique is that it is driven by function not page names as most link lists are. The Cybertools section also saves considerable time and simplifies use by taking you directly from each icon directly to the function without having to click through amaze of layers to get where the action is!

Free Links
This section of allows visitors and members to create an instant on-the-fly free link to their own home page. The link is up and running in 7 seconds!

Society Listserver mail list
This section allows Society members and friends to join the Society Listserver mail list. Mail list members can contact all list members instantaneously with one push of a button! Instant networking!

guest book
The Guest Book allows visitors and members to leave a guest book message and information on Cyberspace tips, tricks and strategies.

The Real Estate Intelligence section
The Intelligence Section allows visitors to view my "Real Estate Cyberspace Strategies" columns which appear in many publications including the "New England Real Estate Journal", the "Florida Real Estate Journal" and several Realtor Board and Association member publications. Each article features tips and tricks to help readers operate more effectively in Real Estate Cybersapce—complete with links in the text which take viewers directly to the tools discussed. This section serves as a combination on-line tip sheet with a built in workshop!

CyberMasters LINK:
The Society's goal is to provide a common meeting ground for this wonderful Real Estate Cyberspace Community. With this in mind I tape my interviews with 3 top Real Estate Cyber Gurus every 60 days. We call the interviewees the Society's "CyberMasters". These briefings are distributed to members on audio tape with a print summary. Visitors to the can to enter the CyberMasters' office where they will find detail on all of the CyberMasters and can click directly to them via E-mail or to their individual Web Pages. CyberMasters include such notables as Wally Bock, Alan Hainge, Brad Inman, Becky Swann, Peter Pike, Ted Kraus, T.J. Anderson, Ray Dixon and many other Real Estate Cyberspace pioneers including Bud Smith, retiring (or retired depending on when you read this) NAR Executive Vice President.

Association Executives Program:
The Society is working with many State and Local Associations allowing them to patch in to the CyberResources of the Society. By doing this Associations are adding a new Cyber dimension for their members without adding a new line item to the budget. Information regarding the Association Executives Program is available by contacting The Society at 888-344 0027. like most evolving Internet resources is constantly growing by adding increasing Cyberservices for the Real Estate industry. At this writing and for the next few months most features of are open to members and non members (we call them "friends"). Friends, of course, do not receive the 'Cyberspace Alert" audio/print briefings or any of the "members only" image building and public relations materials.

In my Introduction to the first Edition of "the Real Estate Guide for Real Estate Professionals" I wrote: " I look forward to meeting you in Cyberspace. Real Estate has always been exciting—now it has become even more so. We designed this guide to give you a level playing field so you can compete with the 23 year old kids coming into our real estate world. Watch out for them. They're smart and they are sneaky. They know all about this stuff. That should be good enough reason to use this guide."

I hope that you will visit us at and use the many tools there. Of course we also invite you to join our very special rapidly growing Cyber Community!

Kindest Regards,
John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate Cyberspace Society
In Cyberspace:
Society Worldwide Office:
NonNerd Contact: 617-523-4440

PS: Hide the information here from anyone under 23 years old. They'll wipe you out with it --- they call stuff like this "excellent"!

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
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