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For Immediate Release October 2006

Peckham’s Advice to Trump -- It’s Information, Information, Information

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Jack Peckham, Executive Director of (The Real Estate CyberSpace Society), thinks that "Location, Location, Location" has been replaced with"Information, Information, Information" as the number one mantra in real estate today.

Donald Trump features Peckham's counsel in his just released new book, "The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received" (Rutledge Hill Press) where Peckham says that "-- the winners in the real estate war, although not ignoring the old location, location, location rule, will eventually pick up the mantra of the cyberspace age - It's information. information, information!"

Peckham describes the type of tools developed by the Society including those that allow members to instantly access and match information on thousands of buyers for any particular type of property and communicate with those selected buyers by fax or e-mail with the push of a button.

He tells Trump that the changes we have seen in the last few decades will pale into insignificance when we see how rapidly change will affect our real estate industry in the next five years. Peckham states that "We will gather, organize, arrange and present information in ways that help perfect the accuracy of our real estate decision making process, And everything will be very small and very fast!"

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society represents over 9000 real estate professionals in 120 Chapters and produces the National Real Estate On-line Convention along with Real Estate CyberSpace Radio.

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John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736