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For Immediate Release September 2005

On-Line Convention Solution Offered to New Orleans Conventioneers

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Hundreds of organizations' plans for conventions in New Orleans have been upended by the ravages of Katrina. Now an organization that produces on-line conventions for associations and companies has stepped forward with a unique offer to produce a replacement event in Cyberspace for any of those organizations affected.

John M. Peckham III, Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society has offered this alternative plan to any organization displaced by the disaster in New Orleans with all profits to be given to the American Red Cross.

"As we prayed for all of the families affected by this terrible disaster, we realized that the plans of tens of thousands across the country were also thrown into turmoil the moment it became clear that the convention and hotel facilities booked for Convention events would not be available for an extended time", Peckham said. He observed that "Conventions are historically booked years in advance and moving a scheduled event to another city is a Herculean task that could be close to impossible for events scheduled to be held in the near future."

"The Society has been producing conventions on-line now for over four years using our patent pending system, he said. Our process has been used to produce events for a wide ranging group of organizations including the St, Louis Association of Realtors, the Geospatial Information & Technology Association, the National Real Estate On-Line Convention and Exposition and is currently under license to produce the online convention for a major trade association in April."

Peckham said that "the on-line alternative can be put into place in a very short time span, often as little as three weeks and presents displaced organizations with the opportunity to bring their attendees a full featured event without the need to travel, saving travel and hotel expense while bringing together attendees in a meaningful networking atmosphere."

Any displaced organization can obtain information regarding the on-line alternative by contacting On-Line Convention Director, Angela Portosa at or at 508-481-1905.

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736