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For Immediate Release March 2006

National Real Estate On-Line Convention/Exposition Attracts Over Forty Thousand Attendees for Third Year in a Row

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The Fifth Annual National Real Estate On-line Convention and Exposition held from February 20 to February 26th set a three year run of record breaking attendance, recording over 40,000 attendees for the third year in a row attracting 41,292 real estate professionals from 27 Countries during the 7-day event. The completely virtual event is produced annually by the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, a professional real estate organization with over 9,000 members and 120 Chapters worldwide.

According to John M. Peckham III, the Society's Executive Director, attendees participated in 33 educational sessions plus the Convention Keynote talk. They made over 100,000 visits to the 234 booths at the Convention Expo and while at the booths made 28,244 requests for additional information.

The annual on-line convention with a full slate of speakers and events has adjourned until next year's annual event which has been scheduled for February 18-24, 2007.

The abbreviated Spring/Summer session is currently open to real estate professionals without cost at:
According to Peckham, four speaker presentations including handouts are archived at the 2006 Spring/Summer Session and are available 24/7 to attendees. The entire Exposition section featuring all 234 booths remains open during the Spring/Summer Session. Real Estate professionals wishing to see the latest performance enhancing products and services can visit the Exposition anytime during the Spring/Summer session, which will remain open until Labor Day.

After the 7-day event adjourned, the Convention staff released statistics reflecting a significant degree of satisfaction on the part of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

Convention Director, Angela Portosa, reported that the overall satisfaction level for the On-Line Convention was high at a 95.8% approval rating with 69.5% of attendees blessing the event with a level of very or extremely satisfied. The attendees also indicated a high level of satisfaction with this year's speaker lineup. The speakers received a 94.6% approval rating with a strong majority rating the speakers excellent/outstanding. The Keynoter, Allan Dalton understandably scored even higher in the survey rankings.

Portosa said that exhibitors were equally enthusiastic with their participation giving the On-Line expo a 93.3% satisfaction rating with a strong majority of exhibitors either extremely or very satisfied. 76.7% of Exhibitors indicated they would recommend the On-Line Expo to potential exhibitors (as long as they are not competitors!). The Expo booth support staff received a 100% satisfaction rating with over 70% of exhibitors rating support as either excellent or outstanding. A strong majority of the exhibitors received each. 61.6% of Exhibitors rated the On-line Expo more productive, less expensive or a "better return on investment" than a live "hard floor" show. A significant majority of the Exhibitors rated the On-line Exposition as equally productive or more productive than a live "hard floor" show.

According to Portosa the attendees found exhibitors' booths effective as 93.0% of attendees found products or services that interested them at the Convention expo. In addition 71.2% either purchased at the Convention or expect to make purchases from the exhibitors following the Convention.100% of the exhibitors received mail, phone calls or web visits from the Convention.

Peckham observed, "We were extremely pleased with the Fifth Annual On-line Convention turnout and overall satisfaction levels. Convention attendance increased to 196% from the inaugural event in the April 2002. The past 5 annual events have certainly shown that On-Line events are here to stay and have become a significant player in the real estate education networking and marketing fields."

"Attendees, exhibitors and sponsors expressed a high degree of satisfaction. Responses from the exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees lead us to believe that the Sixth Annual event announced for February 18-24, 2007 will attract approximately 50,000 attendees."

"We are able to produce these blockbuster events and offer attendance to real estate professionals without any cost, thanks to the always stellar lineup of Sponsors. This years Major Sponsor list was no exception and included Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, RisMedia, National Real Estate Magazine, Matthew Ferrara & Company, e-Agent, The Warren Group, iSucceed, RealtyU, and The Real Estate Apprentice -- plus hundreds of real estate associations and organizations."

"In our fifth year we brought together the largest group of real estate professionals to ever assemble at one event. The Society is proud to continue its industry leadership into the new and exciting on-line networking world!" Peckham concluded.

The Society also announced that it is now licensing its patent pending On-Line Convention/Exposition process customized for real estate and other organizations wishing to extend the reach of their conventional conventions and events.

The 2006 Spring Session Convention registration for attendees and vendors is available at Booth reservation information may be obtained by e-mail to Information regarding membership in the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is available from Society headquarters by calling 617-559-0000, at or by e-mail at

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