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For Immediate Release November 1999

NAR Convention Tech Panels BroadcastOn Real Estate Cyberspace Radio

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November 14, 1999
Orlando, Florida
Armed with 60 in depth interviews with high profile and high producing real estate professionals "in the can", John M. Peckham, III, Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society has announced that Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (RECR) is internet broadcasting over seven hours of 4 technology sessions from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual convention in Orlando this week.

These briefings and event broadcasts appear and are released to the public on RECR at:

The NAR Convention broadcasts include: "How to Boost Your On-Line Bottom Line With Advanced E-mail Marketing" (Michael Russer and panel); "On-line With Stars: Making Money With Today's Technology" (Allen Hainge and panel); "Generate Leads and Commissions From Your Web Site" (Judi Wolfson) and "Sell Like a Giant in CyberSpace" (John M. Peckham III, CCIM, CIPS, RECS).

According to Peckham, who acts as host of Real Estate CyberSpace Radio, over 60 briefings are currently available at RECR. These include experts from various real estate specialties and disciplines and all center around the use of the Internet and other Cyberspace tools to assist real estate professionals in serving the public.

Real Estate CyberSpace Radio also rebroadcasts special interviews from the "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert" the Real Estate CyberSpace Society's member briefing service that is delivered on a 90 minute audio tape every 60 days to Society members. "Through these briefings listeners can eavesdrop on the world's most successful real estate professionals as they share their trade secrets on how to sell, finance and acquire real estate in cyberspace along with lots of tips on how to promote their properties and services in Cyberspace." Background information on any of the interviewees can be viewed with a click. Society members can go one step further and click to a print summary that includes direct links to all resources mentioned in each briefing.

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society, with over 50 Chapters around the world, provides its members with information on Real Estate Internet tools and strategies, and a common meeting ground for professionals from all Real Estate specialties. Peckham invited the Real Estate community and the public to visit and listen to the current programming on Real Estate Cyberspace Radio at: Society membership information is available at 617-523-4441 and at:

For Further information or interviews:

John M. Peckham III
Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4440 Fax: 617-523-4736