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For Immediate Release January 1998

Marketing Your Services On The Internet - Cybermasters Briefing

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Every 8 weeks, as Executive Director of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society, I enjoy interviewing some pretty smart real estate CyberSpace Gurus.. In this column release are some key excerpts from the latest issue of the Society�s bi-monthly print/audio member briefing, "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert". The three featured taped interviews were with CyberMasters, Stefan Swanepoel, Jody Lane and George Blackburne, and covered a broad spectrum of practical tips and insider observations on making money using today�s CyberTools.

In the lead briefing, Stefan Swanepoel, President of U.S. Digital and co-author of the just released "Real Estate Confronts Reality", explained how the total restructuring of his Internet communications company is geared to facilitate the interaction of Realtors with clients and with other RE service providers. He described the Realtor of tomorrow as a professional more knowledgeable on a broader base of Real Estate who works via the Internet instead of traveling physically. "It is time for the industry to get a wake-up call," he says. Unless Real Estate professionals cooperate with each other in using the Internet to enhance what they do, they and the industry will lose business. He described strategies to help practitioners position themselves as the future becomes reality.

In the second "CyberSpace Alert" briefing, Jody Lane, CEO of the innovative Realty Connection, a company for Realtors on the Web, vigorously explained to members that "the Web is perfect to advertise what you do!" He described the Realty Locator site in terms of its intention to help people find good Realtors and gave specific pointers to members for avoiding the most common pitfalls in creating their own page. Lane sees the Web as a natural extension of traditional media, especially television. He briefed members on how to use the Internet to expand their reach and improve their proficiency.

In a free-wheeling wrap-up briefing, George Blackburne, founder and owner of Blackburne & Browne Mortgage Company described such diverse strategies as "The Stockholm Effect" and the "Rat Goodie Theory of Marketing" and related them to success in the Real Estate industry. His strategies make an interesting model for any real estate professional interested in using the Internet to magnify effectiveness and profit.

Blackburne described important tips to maximize visits to a Real Estate Web page and presented a hierarchy of ways for making money from those visits including his unique strategies for "trading" e-mail and fax lists.

Creative, unconventional and undoubtedly successful in his application of Internet techniques, Blackburne summed up his view by saying, " The Internet is a tremendous tool! If you use it in a fun, personal way, it is a powerful tool to reach out and make long term and profitable relationships"

The Real Estate Cyberspace Society provides information on Real Estate connectivity/technology issues and strategies, and a common meeting ground for professionals from all aspects of the real estate industry.

I am pleased to bring you summaries here of these bi monthly Real Estate CyberSpace Society briefings. Connected readers can view information regarding the full interviews in the "Real Estate CyberSpace Alert" and contact Stefan Swanepoel, Jody Lane and George Blackburne from direct links to them from the Society�s CyberMaster Link at: Earthpeople who are not on yet online can obtain information regarding the full interviews in the latest edition of "The Real Estate Cyberspace Alert" from Society headquarters at 888- 344-0027.

See you in CyberSpace!

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